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Eco-conscious and stylish children’s wear made from repurposed and recycled fabric, built to last.

Our Story

We are Esha & Shenelle, the Co-Founders of Bud and Bloom Kids.

As we entered the period in our lives where our weekend gatherings at bars and restaurants turned into baby showers and first birthdays, baby clothing became a regular gift purchase! When it comes to fashion, we love unique, one of a kind pieces & when we struggled to find baby & toddler occasion wear that combined comfort, affordability & style – we set out to create our very own brand!

Clothing should be fashionable and stylish but we believe it shouldn’t come at a cost to the planet. Currently, the textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world affecting human health, waterways and the air we breathe.

We believe that our children are our future. Habits form young so we set out to make sustainable fashion the new ‘normal’ for kids of this generation and the ones to come.

Bud & Bloom Kids clothes are made with either surplus deadstock fabric, meaning we do not produce any new fabrics, or recycled handwoven fabrics made in traditional handlooms. We believe in closing the loop in our production and supply and therefore use sustainable fabrics and aim to pay our garment workers fairly and create fair working conditions for them by the end of this year. We want to advocate for the rights of our children, the next generation, to have a safe and worthwhile place in which to live and have an enriching future by being mindful of our environmental impact.

Designing and launching this brand has been a dream come true for us and we hope you follow along on our journey! We would also love to hear your thoughts and see how you’ve styled the outfits so please tag us on Instagram @budandbloomkids or email us on

With love,

Esha & Shenelle

Co Founders of Bud and Bloom Kids

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