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Waste Free NT is a growing group of passionate individuals helping people to minimise the landfill waste we produce in the NT through education, events and projects.

To reduce waste at events in the Northern Territory the team has worked on the:

Wash Against Waste Community Hub

Wash Against Waste (WAW) Community Hub is a locally designed and built trailer. It's a great option to reduce single use waste at small events in and around Darwin/Palmerston and serves as an educational tool for the community.

How it works

You can hire WAW Community Hub for a fee, please contact us to find out how much you'll need to pay. The money generated will be used for maintenance of the trailer, registration, insurance and support Waste Free NT initiatives to reduce landfill waste in the NT. ​ Your volunteers distribute clean items against a small fee, people return them, get a refund and WAW volunteers wash them. The WAW trailer contains everything needed to service a small event; below is a list of exact quantities of equipment supplied. ​ You need to return all equipment clean, which includes tea towels and aprons. We have laundry liquid available if you need it. ​ How do you prevent loosing equipment? We will charge you for lost dishes and equipment as they need to be replaced. ​ To control this cost we encourage you to educate everyone on site on the use of WAW. Please also remind people not to take anything home and to put reusable items into the washing tubs provided.

To know more, visit our website and get in touch!

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Darwin NT, Australia

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