Business Description

Weaving Waves is a global D2C Daily Essentials & Sustainable Fashion Brand that sources, designs and produces affordable eco-friendly, carbon-neutral and vegan-fashion trends and subscriptions for the lives and hearts of our people and planet. Dedicated to disrupt the fashion industry at its core, Weaving Waves is at the forefront of the fashion domain; aiming to bring to you Eco-Friendly Essentials, Daily Wearables, Accessories and Merchandise from your favourite influencers, creators and corporates!

Vision: We exist to empower people to be whoever and whatever they desire to be. Wear What You Love, Love What You Wear!

Mission: Sparking, Igniting and Accelerating pro-active action amongst the millennials to protect our blue planet through evolving sustainable fashion trends and conscious consumerism.

Core R&D:

Vegan Leather: Leveraging sustainable bio-fabrication processes, cutting-edge materials and existing biotechnological infrastructures to create plant-based polymer blends and vegan-leather from cacti and mushrooms.
Designed in Labs, Revolutionizing the future: Investigating the viability of bio-fabricated leather substitutes made from mushrooms and recombinant collagen manufactured in strains of yeast, which is later assembled into fibers and meshed into leather.
Sustainable & Smart Clothing: Developing bio-fabricated functionalized cotton fiber using recombinant cotton plants (genetically restructured with a modified glow-in-the-dark sugar moiety).
◦ Consciously emulating life’s genius (Biomimicry): Grown by microorganisms and spun in a lab. Weaving Waves is engaged in exploring lab-grown spider-silk, employing DNA from the banana spider (golden orb weaver) to teach bacterial strains to create artificial spider-silk threads (polypeptide fibers) that are seemingly stronger than bulletproof fabrics (polyaramid kevlar fibers) and steel.
◦ First Weaving Waves' spider-silk t-shirt, tie and scarf collection to be launched and auctioned in January, 2023.

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