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Carin & Gerhard

We have a passion for repurposing soft PVC waste from pool inflatables, air mattresses and other soft plastics, such as nylon from umbrellas and shower curtains, and turning them into unique accessories.

Our Story

Ploys – Creative Concepts in Disguise started in January 2020. Our mission is to create durable products from materials typically seen as waste.
The name PLOYS refers to “a cunning action designed to turn a situation to its own advantage“ = reducing plastic pollution and creating eco savvy products through closed loop upcycling.

We are a social and environmentally focussed business and stand for sustainability and upcycling by creating new unique one-off designer bags and purses, made from plastic waste. We use discarded Soft plastics, PVC and Rubber from pooltoys and airbeds and repurpose these into a durable and more functional products than its original form. This is what we call a closed loop cycle and we pride ourselves of having such great following from our local and Facebook community.

We have a vision to do no harm to the environment and support our planet by seeking solutions to our environmental plastic waste crisis.

– What does PLOYS do?

At PLOYS we have a passion of reusing and reducing soft PVC waste from pool inflatables, air mattresses and other soft plastics such as nylon from umbrellas and shower curtains. We upcycle these materials into unique one of design bags and purses, such as totebags, swimbags and purses/pencilcases. Each bag or purse is handmade right here in Australia  from at least 90% recycled material.

– Why did we started PLOYS

We started with PLOYS in January 2020 and were inspired and motivated to reuse pool inflatables, being aware that pool inflatables don’t last, easily puncture and create a growing problem of plastic waste in our landfills and environment. Knowing that it takes upto 1000 yrs for soft pvc to disintegrate into micro plastic, which then in return washes into our oceans, in our fish etc… Seeing this huge waste problem of families discarding pool inflatables, created the push for us to start recreating bags and purses from this pliable functional product and using its longevity to its advantage through a circular loop.

– What makes our products unique or special? 

We pride ourselves in creating unique bags and purses by purposefully designing each one from different pool inflatables, air mattresses, shower curtains or umbrellas. Yet mostly our products are special as they are all made from locally collected and sourced recycled material. We can’t do this alone and value the great following we have of likeminded people who bring their punctured pool inflatables to one of our collection points throughout Queensland or post to us from other states. PLOYS is truly a community initiative with using Profit for Purpose through a circular loop.

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