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My aim is to help educate other parents on how easy and effective cloth nappies actually are to use. I am yet to have to deal with a ‘poosplosion’ and I have currently been using cloth nappies for 3 years.

Our Story

Charlotte’s World offers a range of reusable modern cloth nappies, night nappies, swim nappies, breast pads, wipes and liners – everything you need to get started with cloth or to continue your journey. The nappies are adjustable to fit a child from 3 to 15 kilos making them super economical. The one set can be used on at least three children if looked after properly, saving roughly 6000 nappies per child from going into landfill.


– What does Charlotte’s World Modern Cloth Nappies do?

My aim is to help educate other parents on how easy cloth nappies actually are to use and how effective they are by providing an affordable quality product, videos and tips. I use and advocate the use of reusable products to try to help ensure a liveable future for my children. 

– Why did we start Charlotte’s World Modern Cloth Nappies?

Since becoming a mother in 2018 I was surprised to learn that not many other parents use reusable cloth nappies. After speaking to many parents in my local area I realised this was due in part to myths surrounding the use of cloth nappies. Some parents thought it would be too hard, too expensive or lead to too much extra washing – none of which is true. I wanted to dispel these myths and offer a solution to the expense side of things. 

What makes our products unique or special? 

I used cloth nappies on my daughter since birth until she toilet trained and now I am using the same nappies on my son. I feel this puts me in an excellent position to answer questions and offer advice to other cloth nappy users. I price my products as low as I can as my aim is not to make a profit, but to help as many people as possible get into cloth for the sake of our planet. 

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