Vendor Agreement

SECTION 1: This is an agreement between VIVI.O Pty Ltd. (ACN 624 152 227) trading as I’M PLASTIC FREE hereafter referred to as I’M PLASTIC FREE and the Vendor submitting this registration (“Vendor”).


SECTION 2: This agreement outlines the responsibilities between I’M PLASTIC FREE and the Vendor for selling products on the marketplace platform.


Vendor’s Obligations

SECTION 3: This agreement is valid indefinitely, unless it is terminated by either party according to the terms stipulated herein.

    • The Vendor has the right to terminate the agreement with fourteen (14) days’ notice. The Vendor is responsible for covering any service fees and other expenses incurred until the end of the notice period.
    • I’M PLASTIC FREE has the right to terminate this agreement with fourteen (14) days’ notice, in case the Vendor fails to fulfil the requirements of this agreement.
    • The Vendor is responsible for covering any service fees and other expenses incurred until the end of the notice period.
    • I’M PLASTIC FREE reserves the right to terminate this contract immediately in the following circumstances:
        • The Vendor is found to have provided fraudulent information about its business practices that would deem it unfit to benefit from the services of I’M PLASTIC FREE. In such cases the Vendor is liable to compensate I’M PLASTIC FREE to an amount equalling all the revenue the Vendor has received from sales through I’M PLASTIC FREE over a maximum period of five (5) years, with a minimum amount of compensation being AUD 5,000.
        • The Vendor fails to cover service fees or other payments within 30 days since said payments had fallen due, or if the Vendor has been found to be insolvent.
        • Closure of the I’M PLASTIC FREE marketplace for any reason.


Marketplace Requirements

SECTION4: I’M PLASTIC FREE provides the Vendor with a reliable and high quality online marketplace that only lists products that are produced with ethical and sustainable business practices. Only Vendors that fulfil the requirements for such business practices are allowed on the marketplace.


SECTION 5: Upon registration the Vendor will fill out a questionnaire used in assessing the Vendor’s level of commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices. The questionnaire serves as the starting point for determining the suitability of the Vendor for the marketplace.

    • I’M PLASTIC FREE has the right to request the Vendor for additional specific information pertaining to answers given and the Vendor’s business practices in order to determine the suitability of the Vendor for the marketplace.


SECTION 6: I’M PLASTIC FREE is intended as a sales platform connecting the Vendor and Buyer directly. Any retailer (i.e. vendor reselling products of other producers) intending to sell on will require separate permission, and each producer whose products are intended to be sold will need to meet the same requirements as any other Vendor on the platform. The retailer is responsible for providing the required information for assessing each of the producers. It is the responsibility of the retailer to settle any disputes with the original producer.


SECTION 7: I’M PLASTIC FREE provides the Vendor with an easy-to-use system for uploading product information, managing orders and communicating with customers. Being a 3rd party Vendor marketplace, every Vendor is responsible to collect their own GST for the ATO, if the business is GST registered.


SECTION 8: The Vendor has the right to list an unlimited number of products at until further notice.

    • I’M PLASTIC FREE reserves the right to define whether a product is deemed suitable for sale at the marketplace.
    • I’M PLASTIC FREE reserves the right to remove listings of products that are deemed unsuitable for sale at the marketplace.


SECTION 9: The Vendor agrees to list products at at no higher price than they do on any other online sales channel (including the Vendor’s own website) by including the shipping costs in the product. Any discounts and offers given by the Vendor in other online sales channels will have to be given also for products sold via


SECTION 10: The Vendor is required to list their products in appropriate categories and provide 2-8 pictures of the products on the listing. Any possible allergens or potential hazards of the product need to be included in the listing.


SECTION 11: The Vendor is solely responsible for maintaining sufficient stock levels and must update the product listing if “out of stock”.


SECTION 12: The Vendor is solely responsible for placing the Eco Store in vacation mode before going on holiday.


SECTION 13: The Vendor agrees to I’M PLASTIC FREE’s commission rates and service fees (payment gateways) of 13%, plus $0.30 per transaction, all inclusive, excluding Australia Express Flat Rate & New Zealand shipment costs which are reimbursed. The $0.30 per transaction fee is waived for the first year in business until July 2021.

    • I’M PLASTIC FREE guarantees that all Vendors selling at the platform have the same terms and no Vendor will be given preferential treatment by I’M PLASTIC FREE.
    • I’M PLASTIC FREE reserves the right to adjust commission rates and service fees at any time.
    • The Vendor will be informed of these changes a minimum of three (3) months in advance.
    • The Vendor’s Payments will be done via Paypal on the 1st of every calendar month, or the subsequent business day, if this falls on the weekend or public holiday. Every Vendor must provide an e-mail address linked to their PayPal business account.


SECTION 14: In the case of a return / chargeback, I’M PLASTIC FREE will refund the Vendor the marketplace commission, minus the fees incurred by the payment gateway providers associated with that transaction, on a case by case basis. If the Refund is due to not updating Out of Stock status, the commission will be added as well, because of extra administrative costs.


SECTION 15: The Vendor agrees to I’M PLASTIC FREE’s “Delivery policy, and refunds and returns policy”, as highlighted in the Terms & Conditions.


SECTION 16: The Vendor is required to respond to customer messages, requests or complaints within 36 hours. I’M PLASTIC FREE will track response times and provide a calculated average to help the Vendor to provide prompt service.


SECTION 17: Any transaction (wholesale or retail) that has been initiated through I’M PLASTIC FREE needs to be completed through I’M PLASTIC FREE.

    • Any action by a Vendor to avoid paying a fee is considered fee avoidance and is strictly prohibited by I’M PLASTIC FREE. This includes, for example, encouraging Buyers to purchase an item in your storefront through another venue (i.e. your own website). The price stated in each listing description must be an accurate representation of the sale. Vendors may not alter the item’s price after a sale for the purpose of avoiding I’M PLASTIC FREE’s transaction fees, misrepresent the item’s location, or use another user’s account without permission.
    • The Vendor must not place links to their own website, or images that show their website URL, phone number, e-mail address, social media accounts etc. in a means to re-direct traffic to their online store fronts.
    • The Vendor must not place business cards with their own website URL and/or discounts codes in the I’M PLASTIC FREE order to entice customers to shop on their own website for their next order
    • If at any point it is found out that this provision is violated, I’M PLASTIC FREE has the right to remove the Vendor from the marketplace immediately.


SECTION 18: I’M PLASTIC FREE reserves the right to change this agreement with three (3) months’ notice to the Vendor. If the Vendor disagrees with the changes to this agreement, it is entitled to terminate the agreement immediately. In such cases, any paid service fees or other payments will not be returned to the Vendor.





Sustainable: Our products are manufactured or sourced based on their minimal harmful impact to our environment, which translates to being made of natural and organic material, therefore zero waste, or fully recyclable at the end of their long life. For example, we accept silicone products only when there is not a compostable or recyclable alternative on the market, i.e. the menstrual cup, because as good as silicone sounds, unfortunately it is not easy recyclable and it ends up in landfill at the end of its life.

We pay careful attention to product quality as our goal is “to buy once” long lasting products that save resources and pollution.

Last but not least, we are fully aware that greenwashing is on the rise, so you can be sure that on our marketplace you won’t find products that have unsubstantiated claims or claim to be greener than what they actually are (reusable straws in plastic packaging anyone?).


Plastic free: All of our products are free of virgin plastic or in some cases they have a minimal amount of plastic, i.e. a plastic pump in a cosmetic if necessary for its function, overall though less than 20%. Furthermore, all of our products are wrapped and shipped with minimal, fully compostable or recyclable plastic free packaging. Recycled plastic packaging is acceptable as long as it is marked as recycled plastic.


Circular Economy: Some of our products are so called closed-loop, which means they are manufactured with recycled / upcycled materials, including recycled plastic, in order to divert these materials from landfill.

Furthermore, some businesses follow a closed-loop system, typical of the circular economy, by which customers might be asked to send back empty packaging to be refilled with new product (i.e. personal hygiene / cleaning products etc.), this way zero or very minimal waste is created.


Carbon Neutral Delivery: We strive to reduce carbon emissions from our operations where possible so we are delighted that most of our small businesses offer carbon neutral delivery of our products and we strive to offer also carbon neutral products themselves in the future.


Palm Oil Free: All of our products are free of palm oil, also free of responsibly sourced palm oil (RSPO) because we believe that unfortunately you cannot fill a bucket of water from multiple taps, then try and separate the water showing which tap that water portion has come from. We are dedicated to passionately fight deforestation, as a way of preserving wildlife and minimising global warming.


Ethical: All of our products are manufactured or sourced based on their minimal harmful impact to society, which translates to:

  • no child labour
  • no exploitation (no forced labour / no excessive hours)
  • fair living wages for workers and social security payments
  • safe and hygienic working conditions
  • fair-trade


Cruelty Free: None of our products and their ingredients are tested on animals and are, therefore, cruelty free.


Toxin Free: All of our products are created with love by small Australian businesses and are certified organic and / or free of toxic chemicals and pesticides.