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Recycle.Green – PayByWaste

Mobile App based platform with end to end modules starting from SellColl where sellers can define their products


We are a circular brand reinventing the way we clean our homes. Cleaning soaps made from used cooking

Kalki Ecosphere

Kalki Ecosphere is constantly working on creating alternative solutions to help reduce dependency on packaged water bottles while

Karma Moksha Nirvana Foundation

KMN Foundation is dedicated to the selfless service of the society. We diligently work towards the social upliftment

Green Swastik Charitable Trust

Green Swastik® Charitable Trust is an Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) enrolled with NITI Aayog, focusing on providing relief to


We are a slow fashion brand who recycles/ upcycles all our fabric waste and also that of others

Pride menstrual cup

Hello everyone 😊 we are happy to announce our new brand “Pride menstrual Cup” This medical grade silicon


Let’s replace our plastic plant pots with jute grow bags for indoor gardening. And use the organic soil

Jade Beauty

Jade beauty is an Australian-made high performing line of powder-based skincare sustainably packed in plastic-free refills and reusable


2014 August – MORE CLAY LESS PLASTIC is created as a public group on Facebook, with the idea

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