Category: Plastic Free Groceries

From refusing to choose groceries that use single-use plastic packing to switching to sustainable shopping bags instead of plastic bags, there are many ways to you reduce the use of plastic for grocery shopping. I’m Plastic Free is happy to share tips and advice on reducing the use of plastic for grocery shopping. Read articles and blog posts on plastic free groceries and zero waste shopping and share your thoughts in the comment section of blog posts.

Jul 15
Plastic Free Chewing Gum: Do They Exist?

Chewing gum is liked by kids as well as students, youngsters, sportspersons, and many…

Jul 15
Zero Waste Cooking: A Simple Guide to Eliminating Food Waste

What about those times when you go grocery shopping and return with a refrigerator…

Jul 10
5 Tips for Plastic-Free July

Today, plastic has become an integral part of our daily lives and contributes to a…

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