Our Values

At I’M PLASTIC FREE we are fully behind our values and we strictly make sure to assess each product before approving new vendors on our platform. How? We do it through a questionnaire, a due diligence of the vendor’s website as well as their claims and certifications, if available. In many cases we also buy and test the actual product itself. We don’t accept products that don’t meet these criteria as they won’t help us create that double positive impact we want to achieve: an Environmental Impact & a Social Impact.

Environmental Impact


Our products are manufactured or sourced based on their minimal harmful impact to our environment, which translates to being made of natural and organic material, therefore zero waste, or fully recyclable at the end of their long life. For example, we accept silicone products only when there is not a compostable or recyclable alternative on the market, i.e. the menstrual cup, because as good as silicone sounds, unfortunately it is not easy recyclable and it ends up in landfill at the end of its life.

We pay careful attention to product quality as our goal is “to buy once” long lasting products that save resources and pollution.

Last but not least, we are fully aware that greenwashing is on the rise, so you can be sure that on our marketplace you won’t find products that have unsubstantiated claims or claim to be greener than what they actually are (reusable straws in plastic packaging anyone?).

Plastic Free

All of our products are free of virgin plastic or in some cases they have a minimal amount of plastic, i.e. a plastic pump or lid in a cosmetic, if necessary for its function, or some synthetic fibres in socks that are made sustainably and with certified organic cotton, overall though up to < 20%.

We are carefully sourcing “the best versions” for every product currently on the market, so sometimes we do need to make a few compromises.

Furthermore, all of our products are wrapped and shipped with minimal, fully compostable or recyclable plastic free packaging. Recycled plastic packaging is acceptable as long as it’s marked as such, so people know not to compost it.

Circular Economy

Some of our products are so called closed-loop, which means they are manufactured with recycled / upcycled materials, including recycled plastic, in order to divert these materials from landfill.

Furthermore, some businesses follow a closed-loop system, typical of the circular economy, by which customers might be asked to send back empty packaging to be refilled with new product (i.e. personal hygiene / cleaning products etc.), this way zero or very minimal waste is created.

Carbon Neutral Delivery

We strive to reduce carbon emissions from our operations where possible so we are delighted that most of our small businesses offer carbon neutral delivery of our products and we strive to offer also carbon neutral products themselves in the future.

Palm Oil Free

All of our products are free of palm oil, also free of responsibly sourced palm oil (RSPO) because we believe that unfortunately you cannot fill a bucket of water from multiple taps, then try and separate the water showing which tap that water portion has come from. We are dedicated to passionately fight deforestation, as a way of preserving wildlife and minimising global warming.

Social Impact


All of our products are manufactured or sourced based on their minimal harmful impact to society, which translates to:
- no child labour
- no exploitation (no forced labour / no excessive hours)
- fair living wages for workers and social security payments
- safe and hygienic working conditions
 - fair-trade

Cruelty Free

None of our products and their ingredients are tested on animals and are, therefore, cruelty free.

Toxin Free

All of our products are created with love by small Australian businesses and are certified organic and / or free of toxic chemicals and pesticides.

Our beauty products are all natural and reef safe. Organic ingredients are always listed in the product descriptions.  We meticulously select clean beauty products without the usual plastic packaging. As mentioned, all products are cruelty free, palm oil free and reef safe. Plus, we will have a large range of vegan clean beauty products.


As mentioned our marketplace is 100% cruelty free. We also aim at offering a very large vegan selection of products, however in some cases when no animal cruelty is involved, we also accept non vegan products (i.e. beeswax wraps, wool clothing etc.)

Support Local

All of our products are sold by small Australian businesses that are as passionate about making a difference as we are, and have a great story to tell. Many of them are hand made here in Australia. We love supporting family businesses as they are the backbone of our economy! When you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance!

We don’t believe in a bamboo toothbrush being flown around the world to get to the customer. A product is not eco-friendly anymore when it has to cross the whole world to get to the buyer. Our customers have the ability to search for products by State and Territory and to “click and collect” to save on postage … and carbon!

Are you a small Australian business of ethical, sustainable and plastic free products and would like to join our family? Please read more here on how to open Your I’M PLASTIC FREE Eco store.

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