Our Story

I’M PLASTIC FREE is the brainchild of Simona Paganetto and born from a passion to genuinely make a difference to plastic pollution.

Italian-born Simona was living in the Whitsundays in Australia and volunteering for beach clean-ups in 2014 when she witnessed first-hand the huge amount of plastic in our oceans and its impact on marine life. She decided to do something about it.

While designing and developing reusable stainless-steel straws, she realised how difficult and time-consuming it was to find ethical, low-waste, low-carbon products that provided viable solutions to plastic use.

Fast-forward to 2018 and I’M PLASTIC FREE was born.

I'm Plastic Free Our Story Simona and Eco Barge Clean Seas

Our Mission

With the help of like-minded individuals, Simona has created the I’M PLASTIC FREE digital platform – the easiest and fastest way to find solutions to plastic pollution.

Whether you are an individual or a business, here at I’M PLASTIC FREE you can find new and creative ways to reduce plastic waste, swap plastic for other eco-friendly materials, keep informed of changes and developments in the industry, and connect with not-for-profits or other innovative businesses who are making a difference.

It’s a world-first in bringing together eco-brands, businesses, and not-for-profits in an open forum with the goal of eliminating plastic pollution.

Our Vision

Simona and her team are dedicated to being part of the solution to create a future free of plastic pollution where:

  • all materials and products are treated with value
  • the circular economy is an integral part of our everyday lives

We dream of the day the ocean can say, I’m Plastic Free. And if you dream of this too, join us by becoming part of our community of changemakers.

 Join our community of changemakers.

Our Team

Simona Paganetto

Simona Paganetto

Founder & CEO
With more than 15 years of commercialisation experience, Simona not only brings passion to end plastic pollution but understanding of the economic imperative in finding workable and sustainable solutions to do so. Originally from Italy, she’s lived and studied in six countries, speaks six languages, and is a strong believer that diversity is essential to foster innovation and bring projects to success. Simona is certified as a Circular Economy Specialist.
Pav Singh

Pav Singh

Web Developer
With a wealth of experience in web development, design and SEO, Pav’s been creating websites since 2016. After finishing a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he switched to Business Information Systems, and both have played a part in the function and design of the websites he creates. Realising the impact that plastic is having on our world, Pav is passionate about reducing plastic pollution.
Bhuvan Poudel

Bhuvan Poudel

SEO Specialist
With years of experience in the online marketing space, Bhuvan is a marvel with SEO. With a Master of Information Technology coupled with his passion for design and problem-solving, he also creates user-friendly websites for small-to-medium sized businesses and specialises in data analytics and email marketing. Bhuvan likes to read in his spare time and is committed to helping I’M PLASTIC FREE reach its potential.
Lisa Louden

Lisa Louden

Lisa is a writer and communications specialist. A former news producer and journalist, after media she moved into corporate communications in change management and now undertakes specialised contracts. Lisa is passionate about preserving environments and founded an animal foundation to educate and inspire positive solutions for animals, volunteering for five years as Managing Director. Lisa is a big believer in the collective power of change through individual and empowered decision-making.
Manish Solanki

Manish Solanki

Digital Marketing Specialist
Manish is a creative, performance and data-driven digital marketing professional with a Master of Business Administration. For more than 10 years, across a range of industries, he’s helped both multinational companies and small-to-medium sized businesses achieve success in the online space. Manish believes in climate change and environmental sustainability and is excited to be part of the I’M PLASTIC FREE team.

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