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www.implasticfree.com was first launched in 2018, so it’s a mature domain. We recently pivoted into the world’s first directory for solutions to plastic pollution. We rely on high-quality content for our blogs which feature different plastic related topics & solutions.

If you wish to publish your article(s) on our website, keep a few things in mind:

– This is not a General Business Directory.

– We are only interested in authentic & high-quality content that can be useful to our audience.


We accept the following types of articles:

1. General Article Submission:

Provide us new, unpublished blog article, or an article that has been already posted simultaneously to other sites, blogs, etc. for free. It might take some time to process with the General Article Submission.

2. Sponsored Article Submission: 

Authors who wish to publish their new or existing article on ‘implasticfree.com’, can do so at a one time cost of USD $99 which comes with the following advantages:

  1. Sponsored Articles are published on the homepage for 5-7 days, then they are placed in the Sponsored Article Archive.
  2. They are shared on our Social Media Network as if they were our own articles.
  3. We offer up to 3 do-follow backlinks that can be used in the article body and/or in the author’s bio.


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General Submission (FREE)

  • You need to provide the content
  • It comes with no backlink
  • Author’s name & description are mentioned

Sponsored Submission (USD $29)

  • You need to provide the content
  • It comes with 2 No-follow Backlinks
  • Author’s name & description are mentioned

Premium Sponsored Submission (USD $49)

  • You need to provide the content
  • It comes with 2 No-follow & 1 Do-follow Backlinks
  • Author’s name & description are mentioned
  • Upload your article/blog in a Word document only.Strictly no PDF.
  • Do not add any media (images, videos, PDF etc) in the Word document. You can upload them separately in the next step.
  • Maximum upload size of the Word file is 3 MB.
  • Do not spam your article with multiple links, use only up to 2 Backlinks.
  • We manually review your content & we reserve the right to amend the content if it’s not up to the required quality.
  • Only Jpg, Jpeg & Png allowed.
  • Maximum 3 images are allowed.
You’ll be redirected to the checkout for final payment. For the General Package, we do not require your card details.

By submitting your article to implasticfree.com, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • All articles submitted shall undergo quality check and proofreading by our editorial team 
  • You’re the real author of the article & have the copyrights to share.
  • By submitting your article to us and getting approved, you are giving all the rights to implasticfree.com; hence you can’t republish it elsewhere without our permission. 
  • We may reject submissions that are irrelevant to our approved niches as well as low-quality articles.
  • You need to make sure that you use the correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, alpha-numeric style & sentence structure prior to submission.
  • implasticfree.com can edit, change, remove spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure or the whole article at any time.
  • implasticfree.com may, or may not, contact you regarding acceptance or denial of your article submission.
  • Your article length must be 500-3000 words
  • The author’s Bio must be 200-300 words
  • The article must contain at least 2 info graphics, images, or links to relevant video content. 
  • Do-follow/no-follow links will be evaluated according to the Article Submission Type. We might remove anchor links for General Article Submissions.
  • The article’s content must be focused on relevant topics related to our categories.
  • We do not accept spam

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