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Biocasa : Eco-friendly Organic Care Products

Our Story

Biocasa have the vision to do no harm to the environment and support our planet by seeking solutions to our environmental plastic waste crisis. We have always been strong supporters of recycling practices but few years ago we realised how much plastic is around us and how most of it could not even be recycled.

We therefore slowly started detoxing our home from products that were creating unnecessary waste and searched for the best eco-friendly alternatives all around the world.  This included switching to plastic free and organic deodorants, facial soaps and solid shampoo bars for our body, choosing compostable loofah sponges and bamboo scrubbers for our kitchen, laundry detergent strips and wool dryer balls to wash our clothes in an eco-friendlier way.

When we found something that we truly loved, we decided to create Biocasa to help other families to start their own detoxing journey.

Biocasa is 100% Australian Owned and Operated.

- What does Biocasa do?

We strive to help families reduce their footprint and the amount of waste generated every day. We have extensively researched and tested many products and believe we have found the best way to help other families like ours along the journey to a greater sustainability.

We want to give future generations a better world to live in and teach them how to treat this planet with respect and love. You can trust that what you find on our website will work great for you as well!

- What makes Biocasa's products unique or special? 

We - at Biocasa - want to live by our motto of Leave Nothing Behind so we are looking for products that are 100% home compostable, packaging included. We do have a couple of products that come in a recyclable glass jar, but 95% of the products you’ll find on our website are a true zero-waste solution.

We also wanted to sell products that actually work and have extensively tested everything ourselves before deciding what to import as we wanted to make sure that being eco-friendly doesn’t mean having to sacrifice convenience and effectiveness.

Examples of our products:

  • Compostable kitchen solutions
  • Face & Body
  • Hair care
  • Baby
  • Kids' games
  • Pets
  • Cleaning
  • Camping
  • Gym


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