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At Cherub Baby we focus on the chaos so you don’t have to by developing innovative tools that help you along your way, when you are out and about, preparing healthy meals or nursing a sick Cherub.

Every Cherub Baby product delivers on a promise:

A promise of innovation: Clever solutions that solve everyday parenting problems.

A promise of functionality: Intuitive design that’s simple and effective.

A promise of responsibility: Bringing safety to the forefront of our processes whilst minimising our impact on the Earth

Here are some examples of safe and eco-friendly baby feeding products:

  • Glass Baby Bottles
  • Glass Sippy Cups
  • Glass Straw Cups
  • On The Go Reusable Food Pouches
  • Reusable Ice Pop Pouches
  • Silicone Tableware


How do we care about reducing our impact?

Being mindful of how our products and our operations effect our planet is something we feel we owe, not just to you, our customer, but our customers kids and our kids too!

Cherub Baby purchases carbon credits from Greenfleet Australia in a bid to offset any carbon emissions we produce from our general operations. We are proud to be involved in their initiative that has planted over 9.6 million trees across over 500 forests in Australia and New Zealand. We also donate to WWF’s “Don’t let nature go to waste” campaign, an initiative that helps clean up plastics that end up in the ocean and waterways.

But it doesn't stop there.  We've partnered with ShopPay to reduce your environmental impact. All you need to do is checkout with ShopPay to automatically help plant trees. 2,5760,000 trees have already been planted with a goal of reaching 4.6 million trees by 2022!

You’ll receive your order either in a cardboard carton we have recycled and repurposed or a biodegradable & compostable satchel from our friends at Hero packaging. #supportaussie

We understand the importance of reducing waste and promoting recycling, which is why we provide instructions on all of our products for how they can be recycled. Even our plastic pouch products can be recycled, processed and converted into useful items like kids playground mats and outdoor furniture!

Whilst we are not perfect, we are dedicated to improving any way we can.

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