Business Description

Us and The Earth has taken the guesswork out of transforming your home into a waste-free haven. The brand supplies alternatives to single-use plastics with its offering of practical, versatile and high-quality household items, each destined to become a staple in your home. The brand’s mission is simple: to teach and empower you to consume less and reuse more to become part of a circular economy whilst reducing harmful toxins at the same time.

Founder, Elizabeth, launched her business in her late-forties as a single mum with a young and curious daughter by her side. What started as a passion project for Elizabeth, soon grew into a positive resource for those looking to tread a little bit lighter, live a little bit more consciously and be a little bit gentler to our beautiful Mother Earth.

Our Story

With Us and the Earth, Liz set out to help other mothers and nature lovers to make smarter choices, and also recognise that 'eco-friendly' doesn't need to be unattainable or daggy or 'alternative'. Her dream in bringing Us and the Earth to life was to shift up the term 'eco-friendly' and instead transform it into something beautiful and stylish, adding to one's life instead of being a daunting task that overwhelms the everyday Australian. Us and the Earth represents empowerment, conscious living, and connectedness to the planet and to the community around us. The brand's ethos is all about zero waste, plastic-free solutions to products we use every single day in our homes and overall lives.

Liz's desire to explore and learn, to contribute and connect with others in meaningful ways, stems from her zest for life attitude and travels abroad. From city to country, San Francisco to Tuscany, Liz has made the most of a lifetime of educating herself on eco-friendly living.



Double Bay NSW, Australia

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