The Ultimate Plastic Free Living Checklist for Your Home


A printable workbook to guide you on your zero waste / plastic free journey around your home, step-by-step, without being overwhelmed.



“The Ultimate Plastic Free Living Checklist for your Home” is comprehensive checklist that has been created as an online but printable workbook (eBook) to guide you on your zero waste / plastic free journey around your home step-by-step and room by room, without being overwhelmed.

The list doesn’t claim to be exhaustive, it’s just a guide based on our experience. We simply tried to list some of the eco-friendly options we came across over the many years.

It tooks us weeks and weeks to compile this comprehensive workbook, so we truly appreciate your support in purchasing it. It will help you design a low impact lifestyle without having to think & research what item to swap next!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the zero waste checklist eBook price?

  • A 25 page checklist room by room for eco-friendly swaps ideas around your home
  • The list has been designed as a printable item, so that you can use it as a workbook. This was particularly important to us, as we wanted to be inclusive and allow also elderly people or those who do not have access to a digital device (table, laptop or mobile phone) to be able to use this workbook
  • This is the Table of Contents:
      • 10 Easy Swaps to start Your Sustainable Journey
      • Kitchen & Pantry
      • Bathroom
      • Laundry
      • Living Room
      • Bedroom
      • Office
      • Garden

The price is a one-off fee and not a subscription, so the checklist will be yours for ever.

Please note: this is not an empty template, it has 25 pages of individual eco-friendly product swaps that you can implement around your home.

Is “The Ultimate Plastic-Free Checklist” suitable also for beginners?

Yes, it is. The first chapter lists “The 10 Easy Swaps to Start Your Sustainable Journey”, aka the first 10 items to start with. The idea is to first start with some of the main “offenders” and only then, once these swaps have become a routine, then continue your sustainable journey through the list, step-by-step, rooom by room.

Has the plastic-free checklist been written for Australians only?

No, not at all. The spelling might be Australian English, but the items that we listed in this zero waste / plastic free living checklist can be found all over the world. So, no matter where you live in the world, we promise that this workbook will be useful.

Can you get a refund?

No, unfortunately no refunds are possible for digital products, as there is no way to truly return the product once it has been downloaded. If you have any question before purchasing this eBook, e-mail

Can you share the eBook with others?

No, the eBook is your own purchase, for one user and it is subject to Copyright according to the Copyright Act of Australia. For group purchases, please email

How do you download the eBook?

Once you have purchased this downloadable eBook, you’ll receive an e-mail that contains a unique link to download the pdf file. You have 5 days to download it. Simply click on the link, wait for the file to download and then save it on your PC or in the cloud. If you are purchasing the file straight from your mobile phone, save it to iBooks or the files app of your phone.


Once you purchased the eBook, browse our platform to find more eco-friendly swaps for your home.


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