How to Make Beeswax Wraps with None of Your Beeswax NT

Reusable Beeswax Wraps Ingredients:


DIY Mixed Beeswax: Australian Beeswax, Pine Resin + Jojoba Oil:

  • 20g will make 1 x 30cm wrap or 2 smaller wraps depending
  • 100g will make 5 x 30cm wraps or 10 smaller wraps depending



    • Sharp scissors (pinking scissors preferred to stop edges fraying)
    • 100% Cotton Material of your choice (organic cotton preferred for the environment)
    • None of your besswax NT’s DIY mixed beeswax
    • Fabric marker or pencil
    • Iron
    • Baking Paper
    • Ruler
  • Old butter knife (can’t be used for food again as the wax is very hard to get off it)
  • Old towel and newspaper (wax may end up on it and won’t wash out)



  1. Using your ruler and fabric pencil mark out what shape you’d like to cut for your wrap. An easier option would be to get a large bowl or plate to trace around.
  2. Using your scissors cut out your material. It doesn’t matter if the edges aren’t perfect or fray a little as the wax will set it all in.
  3. Heat your iron to the cotton setting or 100 degrees.
  4. Near the iron lay your towel down, cover with newspaper then baking paper to protect your bench from wax and heat.
  5. Lay your material on the baking paper (material can be folded if needed to fit)
  6. Using your knife carefully cut your DIY beeswax block into pieces and place around on top of your material.
  7. Lay more baking paper on top of your material and beeswax pieces and using your iron start ironing slowly to melt the wax into the material. You should be able to see through the baking paper as the wax is melting and using pressure with the iron you will be able to spread the wax evenly around your material (if you see patches missing wax just add more pieces onto it and repeat the ironing step until it is coated completely)
  8. While the wax is still hot carefully lift it off the baking paper and hold it there for about 60 seconds so any excess wax can drip off and as it cools down it will start to set onto your material and create your very own beeswax wrap.

If your wrap isn’t sticking properly or needs more wax repeat steps 7+8 to recoat it.

You can also scrunch and hold the beeswax wrap in your hands so the wax can activate to be able to stick around things better as the heat of your hands will soften it.

Enjoy your very own beeswax wraps!

Any more questions, feel free to comment below.

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