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Hello, my name is Floriane and I am the creator and maker here at Macrame Uniqness.

I discovered and started experiencing with Macrame over 10 years ago. First with jewelry making using cotton waxed cords then with Home decor when i became a home owner myself. I remember going around the empty rooms of my new house imagining a macrame for each space and every use and quickly became obsessed with creating bigger and better pieces.

Macrame is my passion. I think and dream macrame and my whole family is often involve in the process of my art making. For example, my driftwood is collected during our family walks on the beach and my children take it as a competition to bring me the best piece of wood they will find.

I love experimenting with different knots, materials ,designs and challenging myself with new projects such as custom orders or wedding backdrops....

I take pleasure at knotting but also love being able to create gifts and memories made from natural materials and in this way contributing to a more sustainable living. I am particular proud of my Christmas ornaments collections and baby teething rings collections which are both such a great alternative to plastic.

All of my macrame products are made with 100% recycled quality cotton and handmade by me with love and care.

Follow my design journey on Facebook and Instagram and learn about this wonderful textile art that is Macrame.

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Darwin NT, Australia

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