Reusable Gift Wrapping: How to Furoshiki?

Here’s a sobering thought: Every year at Christmas an estimated 350,000 kms of wrapping paper is bought, used and thrown away. That’s equivalent to 50,000 trees! And that’s just Christmas alone.

The pile of perfectly wrapped gifts under the tree quickly becomes a discarded crumpled mess of wrapping paper on Christmas morning that’s hauled out the door and into the garbage bin.


Why do we need alternatives to single use wrapping paper?

It’s undeniable that there is something magical about wrapping paper and the element of surprise when you open a gift. The pleasure of a wrapped gift, however, is brief.

Most wrapping paper cannot be recycled because it is plastic lined, is too thin or it contains glitter – which is also made from plastic. Even if you could recycle more wrapping paper, the production of it causes unnecessary damage to the environment. It uses up precious resources that could be better used for something else!

What can we do instead?

Introducing Hello Snowglobe: a wrapping paper alternative that is sustainable and less damaging to the environment!

Inspired by “furoshiki”, a Japanese method of wrapping gifts in fabric, Hello Snowglobe fabric gift wraps are a simple, beautiful, and eco-friendly way to wrap objects for gifts or travel. Once you get the hang of a few simple techniques it doesn’t take long to master it!

Hello Snowglobe fabric reusable gift wrap ticks all the boxes for a simple and stylish addition to a gift for the earth-conscious giftee.



Reusable gift wrapping is a sustainable and plastic free alternative to traditional wrapping paper. Buy it once and it can be used for years to come!


They’re made of 100% cotton, soft to touch and flexible so will conform to many different shapes easily. Hello Snowglobe reusable wrapping fabric can be used to wrap gifts, wine bottles, books, groceries, or just about anything!

Convenient and Economical

A Hello Snowglobe wrap is a great, eco-friendly way to gift wrap and makes a good additional gift to go along with the present inside! Of course, you can also keep the wrap and re-use it again and again or encourage the receiver to keep passing the wrap on and see where it ends up!


How to Wrap Gifts in fabric wrap

There are many ways to fold a cloth wrap and some can be quite beautiful.

Here are a few practical options for wrapping common gift shapes:


Reusable Gift Wrapping: the Traditional Way with a Ribbon

Hello Snowglobe is more than just a square of fabric, they also include a removable ribbon which is attached to the centre of the wrap.

  1. Place the object diagonally in the centre of the cloth.
  2. If the object is rectangular, then fold the corners of the fabric on either side of the longest edges of the item.


  1. Next, do the same with the other two corners and loop twist the ribbon into place


  1. Finally turn the item over and tie the ribbon in a bow as you would a traditional gift


Reusable Gift Wrapping: Furoshiki Style

  1. Place the object diagonally in the centre of the cloth.


  1. If the object is rectangular, then fold the corners of the fabric on either side of the longest edges of the item keeping the outer corner folded under.
  2. Next, pull the other two corners to the centre and tie together twice in a knot.


Reusable Gift Wrapping: as a Basket

You can also use your fabric wraps to gift fruit and baked goods.

  1. Place items in the centre of the wrap
  2. Bring 2 adjacent corners together and tie in a double knot. Repeat on the other side
  3. Grab one end of the knots from each side and tie them into a double knot in the middle, creating a handle
  4. Carry your items like a basket!


Do I ask for it back?

It is personal choice if you want to include it as part of the gift for your giftee to then pass on, or suggest that you’d like to use it for the next present you wrap. Realistically, paper wrapping is normally discarded after a single use, so requesting your Hello Snowglobe wrap comes back to you is a reasonable suggestion too. You could start by using it within your family where there is an understanding that the wrapping fabric leaves with the person who brought it.


Do you have any questions about the wrapping and its techniques? Please comment below and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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