The People Behind The Businesses

Why you should buy from I’m Plastic Free marketplace?

Because this way you truly support small Aussie sustainable businesses and the people behind the businesses … you support people that are creative, innovative and especially very passionate about what they do. You mostly support people that have several jobs to make ends meet….  you support small businesses and their dreams!


Charlotte’s World
My aim is to help educate other parents on how easy and effective cloth nappies actually are to use. I am yet to have to deal with a ‘poosplosion’ and I have currently been using cloth nappies for 3 years.

Behind The Businesses Carin Gerhard Ploys

Carin & Gerhard
We have a passion for repurposing soft PVC waste from pool inflatables, air mattresses and other soft plastics, such as nylon from umbrellas and shower curtains, and turning them into unique accessories.


Azur Pure Skincare

I’m a nature lover with a background in the environmental sector. I’ve always loved natural products and avoided harmful chemicals and toxins. In 2018 I became more focussed on avoiding plastic waste…

Matcha Yu
I am unashamedly fascinated by Japanese culture which includes my daily ritual of drinking Matcha. It allows me to connect with Japan in my mind and reap the many health benefits that drinking it provides.

Grazia Gargiulo


I am a chemist & microbiologist. I love creating luxury beauty products that nourish the skin without depleting the earth, by conducting extensive research and study of each plants characteristics and composition.


Ooh La Chai
I’m passionate about good health and I have a strong appreciation of the incredible gifts from mother nature. The delicate combination of both spice and tea are used for optimum benefits in my favorite daily rituals. 

The Bare Living Co.

I started The Bare Living Co. with a Paste! Yep that’s right…. a Dish Paste. A unique and eco alternative to store bought dishwashing liquid. We’ve cut the the plastic, all in a bid to help our mother Earth…

Behind the Business Olga

After being in fashion for 12 years as a model and working in over 30 countries around the world, I founded Ossom out of passion for ethical clothing made of natural fabrics. I love to create beautiful designs that will last for ever.

Behind the Businesses - Camille & Olivia

Camille & Olivia
Rosie Lou

We are two sisters based in Brisbane Turrbul and Yugara Country. We love that our sustainable stationery helps to bring people together – sharing birthdays, celebrating achievements and appreciating great friendships.

Behind the Businesses Tanya IMG_5229 square_72 dpi

Eco Cheeks
When I learnt that toilet papers use chlorine bleach to whiten them, and when these two mixed together they create dioxins, a known toxin,  I thought it was crazy what we’re putting on one of the most absorbent areas of the body… 

Francesco & Valentina

Francesco & Valentina

We have always been strong supporters of recycling practices but a few years ago we realised how much plastic is around us and how most of it could not even be recycled, so we had to do something about it…

Natasha Angels Juicers

Angel Juicers

By making your own food at home, with a reliable and quality stainless steel juicer, one can also reduce the inevitable packaging waste that accompanies store-bought food by using only fresh grown produce… How?

Nicholas Excalibur Dehydrators

Excalibur Dehydrators

Having both seen and experienced the waste generated by products designed to break and therefore be replaced after the first year, the brands we distribute are carefully chosen to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.

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