In present times, plastic products satisfy our needs for convenience, and we use them extensively, overlooking the harmful effects of such products on our health and environment. Every year a huge volume of plastic waste is generated that pile up in landfills or end up in oceans. Plastic has become an integral part of our daily lives but being non-biodegradable, plastic pollution causes extreme damage to our environment affecting all living species. 


Why Should We Say No to Plastic?

A recent study published in March 2023 in the peer reviewed Journal Plos One showed that a growing plastic smog, now estimated to be over 170 trillion plastic particles is choking our oceans and the research paper stated that urgent solutions are required.

We must think wisely and change our habits to protect the earth from plastic pollution. There is a need for mass awareness about the plastic menace, which can be done through say no to plastic campaigns, slogans and posters. 

Slogans are catchy and highlight the main issue to draw the attention of people. Slogans are the quickest and easiest way to share thoughts and views with a large number of people. We are providing a list of no-plastic slogans that point out the harmful effects of plastic and will pursue people to avoid plastics.





No Plastic Slogans

  1. Do something drastic, cut the plastic! 
  2. Go green; Plastic is Obscene! 
  3. Don’t be elastic, Say ‘NO’ to plastic.
  4. The plastic bag is such a drag.
  5. The oceans don’t want to taste plastic waste.
  6. We want evolution, not more plastic pollution.
  7. Your plastic contribution is causing pollution.
  8. Plastic pollutes our lands; why are they seen in your hands?
  9. Stop plastic from becoming our global flag, Say no to the plastic bag.
  10. Don’t let plastic bottles be our history fossils.
  11. Say NO to single-use plastics, YES to reusable.
  12. Cut the plastic. Do something fantastic.
  13. Go green, Plastic should not be seen.
  14. Plastic is everywhere, this is not very fair! 
  15. Say no to plastic, do something drastic! 
  16. Help the planet, stop making plastic a habit! 
  17. It’s fantastic to not use plastic! 
  18. Reduce the use of plastic, and show that you’re a classic! 
  19. Save Earth from plastic birth.
  20. Don’t laminate the earth!
  21. Without plastic, all are fantastic.
  22. Help the Earth breathe, Say No to Plastics.
  23. Go green, no plastic, everything is fantastic.
  24.  Say NO to plastic bags, they bring your health from riches to rags!
  25.  The world is a beautiful place to live in, do your best to keep it plastic-free.
  26.  We are bound in a life cycle, to help save marine life from plastics.
  27.  A diamond shines brightly, and so does the world without plastic.
  28.  Bring your basket, and avoid plastic bags.
  29.  Let us not bag our planet, let us reduce our plastic waste.
  30.  Using plastic is very much drastic. Avoiding it makes you fantastic.
  31.  Plastic will kill, but jute and paper will thrill.
  32.  Let’s vow to put an end to plastics.
  33.  Plastics give a helping hand, but they are polluting our land.
  34.  Stop choking the Earth. Say no to plastics.
  35.  Don’t trash our future. Say no to plastic. 
  36.  Plastic, plastic everywhere, not a space to breathe!
  37.  The new Jurassic, a fossil of plastic.
  38.  Single-use plastic substitution, A world without pollution.
  39. No plastic is fantastic.
  40.  Eating plastic animals die, seeing plastic nature cries. 
  41.  Stop choking the Earth. Say no to plastics.
  42. Beat plastic pollution. You have the solution.
  43. Say no to plastics. Let the environment smile toward us.
  44. Plastic, plastic go away, I want my earth to play.
  45. One step away from plastic, One step closer to cleanliness.


No Plastic Slogans  (Download the PDF file)

Say No To Plastic Slogan Cut the plastic slogan plastic bottle slogan plastic pollution slogan Plastic Pollution Slogan Plastic Waste Slogan Say No To Plastic Bag Slogan Say "No" to Plastic Slogan Go Green Slogan Say No To Plastic Slogan


The awareness about plastic pollution will help cut down the use of plastics and help reduce the impact of plastic pollution on the environment. An effective way to communicate with people is through plastic free quotes that can easily get noticed, inspire and strike their minds. It would bring some positive results in improving awareness and motivating people to reduce the use of plastics.


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Examples of “Say No to Plastic” Campaigns from Around the World

We recently travelled through Rajasthan in India and we were amazed to see these plastic free movement campaigns into action. We’ll provide a few examples here and we’ll highlight where they have been located. Also, friends are starting to send images of campaigns from around the world. E-mail info(at) if you would like to send your image of a “say no to plastic campaign”.


“Plastic Free July” Campaign Worldwide

Plastic Free July

In 2011, in Western Australia, Rebecca Prince-Ruiz started a grassroots plastic free july campaign challenge (#plasticfreejuly) with a few people, to refuse single-use plastic. Today, Plastic Free July is a global movement across 170 countries that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution.


“UnPlastic India” by The Times of a Better India

Unplastic India Campaign

#UnPlastic India! India’s plastic waste generation doubled from 15.9 lakh tons (1,590,000 metric tonnes) in 2015-16 to 34.7 lakh tons (3,470,000 metric tonnes) in 2019-20. Of this plastic waste, 50% remains unutilised. Given the adverse impact on the environment, marine life and critically, on human health, this is a recipe for disaster. Following this year’s UN Environment Programme​ World Environment Day’s focus on the plastic pollution crisis, The Times of a Better India​ presented the ‘Unplastic India’ campaign – a movement to minimize single-use plastic. The only way out of this mess is to use less plastic and recycle more!


“Say No To Plastic” Campaign in the New Dehli Metro, India

Say No To Plastic Campaign in the New Dehli Metro in India

This plastic free signage was found inside the metro in New Dehli and it’s part of a campaign to urge passengers to help keep the metro clean and not to throw single-use plastic bags, water bottles on the train tracks and in the premises of the metro station.



“Say No To Plastic Waste Here” Campaign in Ranthambore National Park, India 

This plastic free slogan was found behind a seat of the safari truck that was bringing tourists to spot the tigers and other wildlife at Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, India. It’s another example of a great plastic free campaign to urge tourists not to throw any plastic out of the safari vehicle.



“Single-Use Plastic-free Jaipur” Campaign in Jaipur, India 

Single Use Plastic Free Jaipur Campaign in India

This plastic free mural was found in Jaipur and it highlights that 91% of plastic around the world has never been recycled. It also shows examples of single-use plastic items inside a red “forbidden sign” or “no symbol” along the walls. This campaign targets pedestrians and due to the size of the murals even drivers and passengers in vehicles.



“I Said No To Plastic” Harris Farm Markets Campaign in Australia

I said no to plastic campaign

Harris Farm Markets partnered with Clean Up Australia with a campaign aimed to reduce the use of single-use, lightweight plastic bags across their stores. They firmly supported the #BanTheBag campaign to ban single-use plastic bags in New South Wales until they were banned in 2022. This photo was taken at the Too Much Stuff flea markets and recycling hub in Darwin, Australia.



“Stai dalla Parte del Mondo. Noi Siamo Plastic Free” in Bologna, Italy 

Stai dalla parte del mondo. Noi siamo plastic free.

This image was taken by a friend in front of a frontshop window in Bologna, Italy. It’s in Italian and literally it says: “Side with the world! We are plastic free”. This is a fanstastic way to position your business and your brand in front of your customers. It’s a great and affordable way to do sustainable marketing, it is an eye-catcher indeed and even … a stopper, at least for those who “get the message”, like our friend that stopped for a few seconds to take the picture!


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Now, How can We Say No to Plastic?

Are you ready to reduce your plastic footprint?

Are you ready to learn how to use less plastic in an easy way?

Download this FREE Plastic Free Living Checklist that will help you achieve this goal. It include the first 10 single-use plastic items to give up, and then a checklist of plastic items to replace with more eco-friendly alternatives room by room.

We have also created a guide for those people who are more advanced in their sustainable journey. Are you an eco-warrior and would like to bring your sustainability journey to the next level?

Support our hard work by buying The Ultimate Plastic-free Living Checklist for Your Home. It is a 25-page printable workbook to guide you on your zero waste / plastic free journey around your home, step-by-step, without being overwhelmed. We put a lot of efforts in compiling this room-by-room plastic-free checklist.

The Ultimate Plastic Free Checklist for your Home

Browse more articles about plastic-free living.

Browse the I’m Plastic Free platform to discover plastic pollution solutions.


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