5 Plastic Free Soap Dispensers for Eco-Conscious Individuals

Soap dispensers are a neat and convenient way to use liquid soaps. Dispensers come in various shapes and styles that can be sealed or refilled with refillable body wash, shampoo, or conditioner. Many empty plastic dispenser bottles are thrown off, which are not reusable and add to the waste. 

The plastic components in dispenser bottles are not biodegradable or recyclable, so it accumulates in landfills and water bodies, causing severe damage to the environment. We, as eco-conscious individuals, must do our bit to avoid plastic in our household items and keep our environment cleaner. 

We must avoid using plastic dispensers and switch to other alternatives to protect ourselves from the adverse impact of plastics. Sustainable and eco-friendly containers in your home would reduce waste and can help improve the environmental conditions for future generations. 

People are becoming more conscious of the adverse impact of plastic and looking for eco-friendly solutions to reduce plastic in their daily lives. In this article, we will discuss the five best plastic-free soap dispensers that help to deal with the plastic problem with sustainable solutions. 

These dispensers are easy to use and refill, minimize soap spills, and are designed to add a decorative and functional finishing touch to any kitchen or bathroom.

Plastic Free Soap Dispensers 

Some convenient, economical, and planet-friendly plastic-free soap dispensers are available in the market. It can be useful to modernize the bathroom, cut down on costs, and adopt an environment-friendly lifestyle.

1. Grove Co. Bubble Soap Dispenser (San Francisco, US)

Grove Co Soap Dispenser

This dishwashing soap dispenser with a brush set provides convenient and gentle scrubbing on your cookware and dishes. The brush is made of bamboo bristles which are completely eco-friendly and make cleaning easy. 

The ceramic handle is also plastic-free and does not produce any toxic effects. The bristles can sustain for nearly six months and be replaced, keeping the ceramic base intact. This product is 100% natural and bio-degradable and effectively serves the cleaning purpose.


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2. Eddi Soap Dispenser

Eddi aims to cut down on household plastics by redesigning soap dispensers. This brand has created an entirely plastic-free hand washing system consisting of a stainless steel dispenser and refilling facilities. 

Some dispenser bottles are made with lightweight aluminium that can be easily recycled. The brand also improves the aesthetics of its products with these recyclable materials that attract customers with their looks and designs. 

3. Grove Co. Glass Dish Soap Dispenser (San Francisco, US)

This soap dispenser is made of glass, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, and does not release any chemicals that can harm human health. It is a limited edition premium product that aims to create a healthy atmosphere at home and reduce plastic waste generation. One easy way to reduce plastic around the house is by refilling this liquid soap dispenser with soap instead of buying new plastic soap bottles each time. 

 4. Gove Co. Reusable Soap Dispenser (San Francisco, US)

This soap dispenser is designed to bring sophistication and sustainability to your bathroom accessories. This soap dispenser is meant for a reusable purpose and can be refilled each time, eliminating the need to purchase new plastic containers. These dispensers are durable, partially recycled, lead-free glass with stainless steel pumps. These durable glass dispensers can successfully replace single-use plastic soap bottles and help keep plastic waste out of your home and the landfills. It is packaged in recycled and recyclable Kraft paper boxes to avoid plastic waste generation on disposal. 

5. Grove Co. reusable Foaming Soap Dispenser (San Francisco, US)

This plastic-free soap dispenser is designed sustainably and powerfully for a healthy home and environment. This glass foaming soap dispenser with a metal pump is perfect for anyone looking to add style and sophistication to their bathroom or kitchen and maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle. This glass dispenser is durable and can be reused with refills as many times as required. It reduces plastic consumption in daily life and helps make the environment safer and cleaner with plastic-free products. 


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The great thing about using plastic-free soap dispensers in your bathroom, kitchen, or other areas is that you move further towards ensuring a healthy and eco-friendly life. Using a glass or stainless steel soap dispenser eliminates plastic use and meets the nontoxic, sustainable, and cruelty-free standards in your lifestyle. 

Instead of throwing away your empty soap containers, you can refill this eco-friendly dispenser with liquid soap to reduce plastic waste. The glass dispensers are a clean and modern way to display your liquid soap or lotion and add a trendy update to your bathroom or kitchen. Going for a plastic-free soap dispenser can be an effective choice if you want to make an effective transition to natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable household products. 

Browse the I’m Plastic Free platform to discover plastic pollution solutions.


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