Plastic Free Dish Soap: The 7 Best Eco-Friendly Brands

The regular dish wash we use daily may contain components that are harmful to the environment and our skin. The chemical contained in dish wash can cause harm to aquatic life when it is drained through the water streams to large water bodies. Moreover, it can affect our skin during prolonged exposure. We are also unsure of the harmful effects of the foaming agents, fragrances, and colorants that may leave traces on the dishes we use for eating. 

The plastic components in the dish soaps lead to more waste as they are not recyclable or biodegradable. There are ample reasons why our dish soaps have to be different than what we regularly use. Many households are shifting toward all-natural, sustainable dish soaps that are free from plastic components and produce no toxic effects. 

Best Plastic Free Dish Soap Brands

We have listed here 7 plastic free dish soap brands that are made of natural ingredients, use eco-friendly packaging, and are cost-effective. 

 1. No Tox Life Dish Soap Bar

It is a renowned brand in the USA and is currently the best-selling solid, zero-waste dish soap option. It is free from palm oils, synthetic colorants, artificial fragrances, and phosphates. It uses organic and biodegradable components that are natural grease cutters and makes effective dish soap. It contains coconut-based surfactants and foaming agents that don’t cause any harm to the skin. It also has aloe vera in the formulation, which is suitable for sensitive skin and helps nourish the skin. The brand uses biodegradable Kraft paper envelopes for its packaging, avoiding plastics. 

 2. Meliora Organic Dish Soap

This popular brand manufactures non-toxic soap bars with great foaming properties, remove greasy traces, and rinses well without soap films. It contains ingredients that are 100% biodegradable and free from any synthetic agents. It uses a blend of coconut oil and sunflower seed oils as the two most important plant-based ingredients. The brand maintains its corporate accountability by promoting products free of toxic chemicals.

 3. Sea Witch Botanicals

This brand is famous for its organic products made with natural, cruelty-free, vegan nutrients. It is free from all synthetic fragrances, colorants, palm oil, or petroleum. It is made of kaolin clay, coconut oil, and orange essential oil as natural byproducts and acts as a natural degreaser with an aromatic effect. It is an effective dish wash with a rich, foamy layer and removes greasy residues leaving a light citrus scent.

 4. Savon De Marseille

This brand produces biodegradable, vegan, and organic dish soaps with rich, creamy foaming. It is good dish soap and can be used as a makeup remover, face wash, or shaving cream as it nourishes the skin due to the presence of olive oil in it. It leaves your skin nourished and hydrated instead of dry and cracked. 

This brand of wash is recommended by doctors who have sensitive skin. The presence of sea salt also helps remove grease and also takes care of the skin. There are no artificial fragrances added, and the smell is from the natural plant-based ingredients. The soap is available in 100% biodegradable packaging.


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 5. Bestowed Essentials

This handmade dish soap bar is made with olive oils, coconut oils, sodium hydroxide, sea salts, and French green clay. It is free from chemicals, artificial preservatives, coloring, and fragrances. Bestowed essentials source all the ingredients locally in the US and utilize solar panels to provide energy for production, which greatly impacts the environment. The product and the packaging are far from plastic components, making it a zero-waste product.

 6. Etee concentrated dish soap

This brand provides dish soaps in concentrated form, which is economical in use. It is available in pods that are completely biodegradable and plastic free. The packaging is done in a biodegradable paper box that can be subjected to recycling or regular waste disposal without any harm. It is free from synthetic dyes and artificial fragrances and contains essential plant-based oils for effective washing and skin protection.

7. Cleancult Black Liquid Dish soap

It brings a solution to plastic problems by providing a refilling option with its liquid dish soap brands. The soap formulation is free from all chemicals and harmful ingredients and contains plant-based ingredients. The natural components include coconut oil which decreases the utensils, while olive oils and aloe vera hydrate your skin. The product is available with natural fragrances from grapefruit, basil, and honey, which all are naturally sourced.


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Final Thoughts

It is time to think about the effect of environmental impact and chemical exposure by using conventional dish soaps daily. There are alternatives that you can easily switch to ensure your good health and reduce plastic pollution. The brands mentioned above can help you remove the harmful effect of chemicals and toxins in your daily cookware and take care of your health. 

Browse our directory to find more eco-friendly brands.


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