8 Plastic Free Vegan Protein Powders

A sustainable and healthy lifestyle is everyone’s priority and a lot of people keep taking protein supplements to take care of their health and well-being. As people become more aware and concerned about health and safety, consuming products that have no toxic effects is mostly preferred. People are looking for plastic-free and nature-based alternatives for a lot of consumables which also include protein powders and supplements. The plastic-based packaging also contributes to a lot of waste causing environmental hazards. A lot of manufacturers are coming up with various zero-waste and eco-friendly protein powder supplements with innovative formulations and packaging.

We will give a brief idea about eight such plastic-free vegan protein products that help to keep you on top of your health and free from any side effects.

Plastic Free Vegan Protein Powders

1. Form Nutrition

This company offers a variety of plastic-free and eco-friendly protein powders. The product is made of plant-based ingredients like organic pea protein, brown rice, and other plant extracts that are rich in protein content. The packing is also uniquely prepared with plant-based bio-film bonded to the paper which makes it bio-degradable and conveniently disposable through food waste processing. The flavor of the protein power also comes from natural organic components like chocolate peanut, vanilla, and tiramisu.

2. Vitally Vegan

It is a UK-based company renowned for manufacturing plastic-free vegan products and supplements. The protein powder is enriched with vitamin B12 obtained from plant-based flaxseeds, sea greens, matcha, etc. It is available in natural flavors like chocolate coconut, orange, and caramel. The protein powder has no artificial sweeteners and blends well with water and oatmeal. The company provides the product in glass bottles and later sends refills packed in recyclable paper and cardboard boxes to avoid plastic pollution. Vitally Vegan has won 3rd place for favorite protein powder in the UK.

3. No Cow Protein

Now Cow

It is a certified vegan and cruelty-free protein product which is free from gluten, soy, carrageenan, and refined sugar, thereby causing no harm to health. It uses purely natural ingredients to create sweetness and flavors like coconut or vanilla. No cow is very much focused on maintaining the sustainable practices of using methods and materials that reduce the overall carbon footprint. No cow is the first protein powder available in a recyclable aluminum container which is an eco-friendly initiative to reduce plastic waste.

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4. Planet Protein

It is a USA-based company having experience in the zero-waste recycling process to manufacture eco-friendly products. The company produces protein powder using an organic blend of pea, brown rice, pumpkin seeds, and hemp. The company deals with the pollution problem by making all packaging plastic-free and recyclable. It encourages customers to send back the empty protein which is recycled later by specified recyclers.

 5. Rheal Superfoods

Rheal Superfoods

This company sells 100% vegan food products including protein supplements. The protein powder has naturally sourced ingredients like organic pea, hemp, and pumpkin seeds which are rich in protein content. It doesn’t use any artificial sweetening agents or flavors. The packaging is done in cardboard containers that can be reused.

6. Nupro

It is a German company having it’s distribution network in the UK and Europe. The company introduced a protein bar named numove, which contains 100% natural and plant-based protein. It is available in three different flavors namely, Berry, Vanilla, and Cocoa Cinnamon. The natural sweetness is obtained from organic coconut blossom nectar. The powder is enriched with plant-based protein obtained from peas and sunflowers. This plastic-free product is delivered in cardboard boxes and packed in thin home compostable cellulose foil. The price is also less compared to other vegan products in the same category.

7. Vivo Life

This company manufactures and sells sustainable plant-based and almost zero-waste protein powder. It is available in different flavors which are naturally sourced. The specialties of this product are that it contains 100% plant-based components and fermented protein for better digestion. The protein powder provides high protein content per serving, obtained from bio-fermented yellow peas and cold-pressed hemp as natural ingredients. It uses home compostable packaging materials to deal with environmental challenges.

 8. Bare Blends

It is an Australian company that sells protein powders made with high-quality natural ingredients. The plant-based protein in the products serves the purpose of weight loss and lean muscles. It is available in a variety of natural flavors like cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa, coconut, and strawberry. It uses natural sweetening agents like monk fruit extract which has anti-diabetic, anti-allergic, and antioxidant effects. The protein powder is certified as free of pesticides, chemicals, and metallic components and contains essential amino acids. The plastic-free compostable packaging demonstrates the company’s eco-friendly initiative.


It has been observed that there are several choices available for sustainable, vegan & plastic-free protein powder that also uses eco-friendly packaging. The companies mentioned in the discussion are trying to make products avoiding environmentally damaging ingredients. They are also trying to reduce their carbon footprint by becoming more eco-friendly with their products, practices, and packaging.


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