8 Plastic Free Vitamins and Plastic-Free Supplements

Conventional vitamins and supplements are often packaged in plastic which isn’t biodegradable and sustainable. The containers, droppers, labels, and boxes all have some impact on the environment through waste generation. 

The vitamins and medicines are wasteful as sometimes the tablets are often wasted, as they are forgotten and gone out of date. The plastic elements in medicines eventually lead to more waste generation, which adds to landfills and pollutes water bodies. 

Fortunately, many companies are applying innovative methods of packaging for vitamins and supplements, which contribute to a healthy environment around us. Most have shifted to glass or compostable packaging to avoid plastics and offer refill options.

Several companies have put dedicated efforts into creating zero-waste vitamins and supplements and have come up with various solutions. This article will make you aware of the plastic-free vitamins and accessories available in the market. 

Plastic-Free Vitamins And Supplements

Most vitamins and supplements come in single-use plastic packaging, which is not the best choice if you are concerned about its environmental impact. People are now looking for a more sustainable and eco-friendly way to get essential vitamins and minerals. We will mention the best eight zero-waste supplements on the market and highlight the qualities that make them sustainable, healthy, and environment-friendly.

Form Multivitamin

It provides plastic-free, specially formulated vitamins for your health and environment. The vitamin supports your immune system, improves digestive health, and helps nutrient synthesis. It is available in powdered form packed in a bio-plastic sachet which is compostable. It uses eco-friendly packaging with provisions for refilling, which can later be reused or recycled. 

 Form Boost

Multivitamins target one’s health needs and make dietary supplements rich in nutrients. The product contains plant-based and natural ingredients, which are a significant source of human nourishment and have also proved beneficial for the environment. It is available in reusable and refill options in packaging. It also uses compostable and bio-based paper foam for shipping purposes.

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Form Edge

It provides a vegan, zero-waste vitamin supplement that suits your lifestyle the most. The product is ethically sourced using natural herbal-based ingredients and doesn’t contain lactose, sugar, gluten or other additives. The packaging is done in glass bottles to avoid plastic pollution after disposal.

 Vegums Multivitamin

It is a UK-based drug manufacturing company selling various plastic-free and vegan vitamins. The packaging also takes care of environmental waste using biodegradable cellulose wrapping, recyclable metal containers, cardboard boxes, and envelopes. The plant-based ingredients help protect yourself from any toxic effects of chemicals. The sweetening result is obtained from real strawberries, and black carrot extracts give the red color.

 Vegums Fish-free Omega-3

This vitamin contains omega-3 from sustainably sourced marine algae, which is carefully purified and free from contaminants. The vitamins and supplements use natural colors and flavors like Orange and beet sugar extracts. The packaging uses plastic-free compostable materials.

 Vegums Iron

This vitamin is rich in iron, an essential nutrient for the human body to prevent fatigue and lack of energy. The iron content comes from purely plant-based ingredients, and the product is naturally flavored and sweetened by blueberry extracts. The packaging is made attractive and environment-friendly using plastic-free recyclable materials.

 Vivo Life Vegan B12

This UK-based company provides a wide range of plastic-free and plant-based medicinal products, including vitamins and supplements. The B12 formula provides the desired nutrients through natural components and has a delicious orange flavor. It is made in liquid form for quick absorption.

Ethical Nutrition Multivitamin

It is a UK-based company that produces 100% plastic-free vitamins with natural formulations. The product is entirely vegan and doesn’t contain additives or palm oils. The herbal ingredients of supplements provide immunity and energy with a reduction in stress and anxiety levels. 


The environmental impact of ingredients, manufacturing, and packaging of vitamins and supplements is a matter of great concern today. A wide range of zero-waste, plastic-free vitamins and supplement solutions can improve your health by protecting you from adverse side effects of undesirable chemicals, additives, and synthetic elements. The vegan medicines contain no animal-derived components, only natural colors and flavors.  

It also helps reduce plastic waste generation with biodegradable, recyclable, and environment-friendly packaging. The above mentioned brands offer eco-friendly and vegan options to help you maintain your health and prevent harmful effects on the earth.

 As you choose these zero-waste vitamins and supplements, you ensure that you’re opting for the most suitable product that is good for you and the environment. 


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