The cleaning products are mostly packaged in plastic containers which add to the waste after disposal. The hazardous plastic wastes are neither biodegradable nor recyclable thereby causing a serious impact on the environment and increasing the pollution on land and water. 

The cleaning agents mostly contain harsh chemicals to remove dirt and stain, and strong scents that can also react with plastic to make it unsuitable for recycling. Apart from the containers, the cleaning tools are made of plastic. 

The sponge and scrubbers use synthetic materials and metal or plastic components that add to waste. Now consumers are more aware of the hazards of plastic-based products and looking for eco-friendly alternatives. 

In this blog, we are providing details about the 10 best zero-waste cleaning products and cleaning tools that can help you clean your space. 

1. No Waste Brush and Dustpan

A brush and dustpan usually are made of plastic but a few companies have come up with a wooden set with a steel dustpan and brush made with horsehair bristles. This item is a suitable eco-friendly tool that can also be displayed by easily hanging using the wall mounting bracket.


 2. Reusable Trash Can Liners

Plastic trash can liners are used extensively but eventually end up in landfills as waste. As a solution to this, reusable liners are introduced that are machine washed after cleaning the trash from the bin. It is available in different sizes that suit your needs of cleaning the trash in your home, garden, or elsewhere. 


 3. Mayan Loofah Sponge Scrubbers 

Mayan Loofah Sponge Scrubbers 


Most of the synthetic sponges are made of polyester or polyurethane which not only release plastic particles while in use but also end up as waste in landfills being non-biodegradable. 

The sponges made from vegetable cellulose are also treated with many chemicals. The Mayah loofah scrubbers are made of natural sponges that are grown on a vine. These are plastic-free and don’t contain chemicals.


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 4. Coconut Scour Pads

The scouring pads commonly used for dishwashing and tabletop cleaning are made of synthetic fibres. The best zero-waste alternative is the coconut scour pad which is made from coconut coir and mixed with natural rubber latex. This product is 100% natural and biodegradable and serves the cleaning purpose most effectively.


5. Dishwashing Block

The cleaning tools or scrubbers require some cleansing agent or soap, but liquid soaps available in plastic bottles have to be strictly avoided. The No Tox Life vegan dish block offers a great solution to this problem. 

It removes grease and grime easily, makes a rich foam, and is most suitable for cleaning dishes, pots, and even fabrics. It contains aloe vera extracts that protect your skin. This soap block is long-lasting and provides a zero-waste eco-friendly solution. It also has a natural fragrance of mint.


6. Truman’s Dishwasher Bars

Dishwasher bars are usually available in plastic packaging but this bar is packaged in recyclable and compostable materials so there is no chance of waste generation. 

The dishwasher itself doesn’t contain any plastic-based ingredients or toxic chemicals that might affect the dishware. It is one of the most suitable choices considering your health, skin, and clean environment.


7. Reusable Paper Towels

It is an innovative product introduced by Totally Taylored that provides a reusable alternative to conventional towels. It is very convenient to keep a stack of absorbent towels and use them conveniently for cleaning and wiping. 

This product is made of recycled fabric on one side and bamboo double loop terry on the other side. These towels are designed to be used, cleaned, and reused multiple times.


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8. Dropps’ Laundry Detergent Pods

Stain & Odor Detergent

Liquid laundry detergents usually come in HDPE bottles and add to plastic waste after disposal. Dropps’ detergent pods are plastic-free and do not contain any dye, enzymes, chlorine bleach, and scents. 

It is packed in completely recyclable and compostable cardboard boxes. This detergent not only protects you from the harmful effects of chemicals but also contributes to zero-waste initiatives for environmental protection.


9. Veles All-purpose Cleaner

One of the best zero-waste cleaning products is the veles liquid cleaner suitable for cleaning glass, fiber, steel, and plastics. It is available in aluminum bottles containing enough fluids to last for about six months. These bottles are reusable and can be refilled with new fluid detergent which is available in glass bottles.

The product is made with ingredients that are sustainable and naturally sourced. The manufacturer takes care of the environmental aspects starting from sourcing, production, and packaging, and provides a zero-waste, non-toxic, all-purpose cleaning solution.


10. Stain Remover Bar

The use of stain remover is quite frequent in households that usually contain harsh chemicals and plastic fibers. A useful alternative is a stain remover bar from Soulshine soap company which is a handmade, plastic-free, biodegradable product available in eco-friendly packaging.



There has been increased demand and interest in eco-friendly products for daily use. As discussed, companies are providing several options to switch to zero-waste and sustainable alternatives to conventional cleaning agents and cleaning tools. We all need to include such products in our daily use to eliminate the harmful effect of plastic waste and make our environment safer and healthier. 

Browse our directory to find more eco-friendly brands.


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