If you are on social media, you should have seen by now the video that went viral in 2015 about the turtle with a plastic straw stuck in its nostril.

Well if not, here it is again.

Sea Turtle with Straw up its Nostril

Marine biologists painstakingly removed the plastic straw from the endangered turtle and released it back into the ocean. Since then, more and more not-for-profit organisations have been driving awareness toward ocean plastic pollution and the threat it poses to marine wildlife and ultimately to humans.

***WARNING: Graphic Content & Inappropriate/ Strong Language!***



As a eco-friendly business, we are fully aware that just switching to paper straws is not a zero waste solution, and that consumers need to refuse the straw whenever possible.

However, we also understand the need, for example by the hospitality industry to offer an alternative to plastic straws for people who need to have one. We are fully aware that paper straws are more expensive to produce than plastic and bio-plastic straws, especially if they are made with FSC® certified paper sourced from managed plantations.

No to Plastic Straws

That’s why our goal is to “convert” as many venues as possible to become “plastic free straw venues” that keep their straws behind the counter and give them out “only upon request”. This way, they will not only make a statement in terms of sustainability but it’ll ultimately also help the bottom line by switching to responsibly sourced paper straws because they reduce the amount of straws they give out.

In order to help small businesses to do so and educate their customers, we’ve created this poster that we’ll hand out for FREE to hospitality venues. It takes 5 minutes (or a few more) to have a drink with a straw, but it can take up to 500 years for one single plastic straw to decompose. Please note “decompose” does’t mean biodegrade. It only means they break down into tiny little pieces through UV rays, releasing microplatics, but won’t disappear:



Why Ditching Plastic Straws?


We think that by mainly targeting the business environment we can contribute to solve the issue exactly where we can have the biggest impact. Plus, 5% of our Net Profits from our plastic-free products will be devolved to non-for-profit organisations, whose goal is to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.

This is why we should be ditching plastic straws today, Join the #implasticfree movement & help us clean up the mess we created.

Update 2022

We kept this blog article, as this was how I’m Plastic Free first started in 2018, to show how it evolved into a 3rd party vendor marketplace for ethical, sustainable, plastic-free and upcycled products and then pivoted into a global online platform for plastic pollution solutions.


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