6 Eco-Friendly Hair Brushes Not Made of Plastic

Hair brushes make hair care easier and become a regular part of the hair care routine for many individuals. But we hardly think that these brushes are mostly made of plastics that create an adverse impact on the environment by increasing plastic waste after disposal. 

Awareness about plastic-free and eco-friendly products has developed in recent times so people are looking for eco-friendly sustainable hairbrushes for daily use. The plastic-free hair brushes can take care of air dryness, hair breakage, and split ends while minimizing the negative impact of plastics on the environment. 

The eco-friendly hair brushes are made of materials sourced from the plants like wood and bamboo. Some products also use recycled materials. All these products help significantly to reduce waste by avoiding plastics in their production process and contribute effectively toward reducing the carbon footprint.

Six Eco-friendly Hair Brushes You Need to Try 

Eco Friendly Hair Brushes

Plastic-free hair brushes may seem as unusual, but there are several options already available in the market as the best alternative to conventional plastic-based hairbrushes. 

All these products are eco-friendly, and durable, and take care of your hair as desired. These handles, bristles, and bristle bases all are plastic free, and also the packaging is made of compostable and biodegradable materials. 

We are providing you with a list of six eco-friendly hair brushes that support various hair types and contribute effectively to your healthy hair care.

1. TEK Wood Brush

This wood brush is 100% plastic free and made of natural ashwood with exclusive designs. It uses natural vegetable oil and waxes to smoothen the hairbrush handles. 

The flexible, wooden bristles fixed on a rubber pad make hair brushing easier without generating any static electricity. It gives effortless detangling with any type of hair. 

It has both short and long bristles to support both short and long hair. The company manufactures products in Italy with all-natural materials as an eco-conscious business practice with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly activities.

2. Saya Designs

It provides completely eco-friendly hairbrushes made of biodegradable material. The brand offers hairbrushes in different varieties. The vegan hairbrush is made of beech wood and the bristles are plant-based. 

The brand uses Tampico fibre, especially for vegan products that have anti-static properties. Another type of brush has natural boar bristles that support the easy distribution of hair’s natural oils and helps in moisture retention to avoid hair breakage and split ends. 

As a part of its environmental commitments, the company focuses on making the packaging with compostable material like fully recyclable paper boxes that contain papaya pulp and are printed with vegetable inks.

3. Package Free Shop

This brand is a well-known name in the eco-friendly and zero-waste product sectors. One of its most popular plastic-free products is the bamboo hairbrush.

 It is a top-quality, sustainable product that offers the right alternative to plastic hairbrushes. The package-free hairbrush is biodegradable and supports the zero-waste journey the hair care products.


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4. Rustik Bamboo Paddle and Round Brush

Each set of Rustik comes with a bamboo paddle, a round styling brush, and a detangling comb. This product is zero-waste and biodegradable and made with high-quality bamboo. 

The round brush is easy to use with its lightweight beechwood handle and gives the hair a stylish look. The bristles of the regular brush are also made from bamboo fibres and round brushes have boar bristles.

 Rustik provides a friendly kit that can be used either for personal or gift purposes. The product is delivered in reusable eco-friendly packaging.

5. Redecker Bandcrafted Brush

This handcrafted wooden brush helps detangle your hair with ease and comfort. It is compact but durable and designed attractively with a waxed beechwood handle and round-shaped hornbeam wooden bristles mounted on a natural rubber base. 

This product contains only natural components and is completely zero-waste and sustainable. The packaging is done with plastic-free, recyclable materials as an environment-friendly solution.

6. Boodboo Natural Hair Brush

This brand takes advantage of bamboo while crafting its hairbrushes. It uses high-quality bamboo and uses its natural properties to make zero-waste hair brushes that don’t contain any plastic components. 

The hair brushes have soft bamboo bristles that help detangle your hair conveniently and also message your scalp without hitting roughly. This hairbrush is suitable for both dry and wet hair. 

This hairbrush is perfect to include in your zero-waste travel kit. The company delivers the product in a craft paper box and reusable cotton drawstring bag which is a great step toward reducing the environmental impact of plastics.


Conventional hair brushes are cheaper but not durable so people keep on discarding and changing such hairbrushes. At their disposal, these hairbrushes end up in landfills causing plastic pollution which is a serious environmental concern. 

As a solution, several companies have come up with zero-waste hairbrush options that help you switch over to plastic-free products from conventional ones. 

The hairbrushes use naturally sourced and plant-based materials to design the handle, bristles, and bristle pad that take care of your hair effectively and also help reduce your carbon footprint significantly. 

Browse the I’m Plastic Free directory to discover plastic pollution solutions.


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