Plastic Free Toilet Paper: 10 Eco-Friendly Options

Toilet tissue is an everyday consumable item and a throwaway product. But it also can create a big issue after disposal as it may clog municipal pipes, add to the burden on sewer systems and pollute water streams. Most of us don’t think about the consequences before we dispose of it as waste. The present-day toilet paper with chemical and plastic elements is becoming a serious environmental concern. It is time to go for more sustainable bathroom tissue and choose eco-friendly options. In this article, you will learn more about plastic-free, zero-waste, and eco-friendly toilet paper.

Toilet paper manufacturers often use bleach to give a whitish and soft appearance and to strengthen toilet paper. But it has some hazardous effects on human health and the environment. 

Most manufacturers use chlorine bleach in pulp and paper products producing byproducts containing some of the most dangerous synthetic chemicals. These include carcinogenic dioxins that can pollute water bodies, harm aquatic ecosystems and enter the human food chain, causing health issues. 

Some manufacturers have started using a chlorine-free process using hydrogen peroxide as a whitener which is generally more environment-friendly. Many toilet tissue products are made of recycled materials with fewer chemical inputs and toxic elements.

Sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to toilet tissue have become quite popular today, and manufacturers have come up with various products using natural and recyclable materials. The best nine brands of eco-friendly toilet paper are given below.

1. Ecoleaf by Suma Ecoleaf Toilet Tissue (USA)

It is made of 100% recycled materials and is chlorine-free. The packaging is done with compostable material that reduces the chances of waste generation. The USA-based manufacturer has an excellent reputation for providing plant-based, chemical-free, and eco-friendly products that reduce environmental impact. 

2. Uranus Wipes (UK)

It is a 4-ply toilet paper made with 100% recycled paper (75% post-consumer and 25% pre-consumer waste paper). The toilet paper is BPA-free, reducing the chances of filling up landfills and water bodies after disposal. This product is chlorine-free and hygienically made with lint-free and antifungal qualities. 

The toilet roll is packed in eco-friendly Kraft paper that avoids the issue of plastic waste generation. The U.K.-based manufacturing company is committed to delivering products that contribute toward reducing carbon footprint. 

 3. Who Gives a Crap (Australia)

This Australia-based company manufactures two types of plastic-free toilet paper. One of these is made from plant-based bamboo fibers and is more eco-friendly. The other type is made of recycled material which is more sustainable. 

It is a 3-ply tissue that is soft and comfortable. The packaging is compostable and made with recyclable material, including the central role. The packaging also keeps the roll moisture-protected and dust-free.

4. Seventh Generation Recycled Bath Tissues (USA)

This company is based in the U.S. and manufactures toilet rolls using recycled raw materials from North America. The company applies rigorous testing methods to ensure that the amount of BPA is kept at the minimum level in the products. 

The 2-ply toilet paper is soft with less bulk. It is free from chlorine and contains no artificial fragrance or dyes. 

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5. Bumroll Recycled Toilet Paper (USA)

The company manufactures toilet tissue in California with 100% recycled paper. It is BPA-free and doesn’t contain colouring additives or artificial fragrances. The manufacturer uses hydrogen peroxide for whitening and avoids any traces of chlorine. 

6. Marcal Toilet Paper (USA)

Marcal makes toilet paper in the U.S. and is Green Seal Certified for its eco-friendly products. The toilet tissue comprises 100% recycled paper with a higher ratio of post-consumer waste content, which makes it more sustainable. 

The product comes in plastic-free packaging with rolls individually paper wrapped, considering the hygiene aspects. It makes Marcal toilet paper a good option for offices, workspaces, or camping. 

7. Boardwalk Standard (USA)

Boardwalk Standard is a good option for sustainable toilet paper. It is a 2-ply tissue comprising 65% post-consumer and 35% pre-consumer waste, making it more eco-friendly overall. 

This toilet paper is affordable, sustainable, and conveniently used in workplaces, schools, offices, or homes. The product is seemingly chlorine-free and made up of 100% recycled fibers. No chemicals, inks, or dyes are used in this product, so it is good for you and the environment.

8. Reel Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper (USA)

This product is made from bamboo fibers, making it eco-friendly without synthetic ingredients. This toilet paper doesn’t contain any additives for fragrance or coloring. This 3-ply, plant-based toilet tissue is packed in cardboard boxes with plastic-free tape. The product is ultra-soft yet very strong, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for sustainability.


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9. Caboo Bamboo Bathroom Tissue (USA / Canada)

Caboo toilet tissue is made from bamboo fibers and leftover sugarcane pulp. This toilet paper is free from chlorine, plastic, artificial fragrance and color additives. It is a 2-ply tissue which is soft, strong, and safe for the environment. It uses plastic-free and recyclable materials for packaging.

10. Eco Cheeks Unbleached Bamboo Toilet Paper (Australia)

Eco Cheeks Environmentally Friendly Toilet Paper

Eco Cheeks makes unbleached Bamboo Toilet Paper using 100% FSC bamboo which is an incredibly sustainable and pest free plant. It can grow over 1m a day and there are no chemical pesticides or herbicides needed. Their aim is to create safer more sustainable options for our everyday disposable paper products with no harmful chemicals and help the fight against deforestation by being tree free.


Final Thoughts

There has been increasing awareness and interest in promoting earth-friendly, zero-waste, and sustainable paper products, including toilet paper. Initially, it may be challenging to switch to new products. Still, by taking some conscious steps, you can support the mission of eliminating plastic waste and environmental issues and contribute toward reducing the overall carbon footprint. 

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