The Best Plastic Free Toothpaste Options

Choosing the right toothpaste is essential, especially if you have kids hangin’ out in your house daily. Various types of toothpaste are available in the market, but they all contribute their share of waste material to our environment. This is because numerous varieties of toothpaste affect our environment by containing flavor, fluoride, and printing material on their tubes.

Plastic-Free toothpaste isn’t a “thing” yet. But the more it’s talked about, and consumers demand it, the more this movement will spread. If we want to stop the plastic pollution of our oceans, we need to start with things like zero-waste toothpaste.

What is Plastic-Free Toothpaste?

Avoid Plastics in everyday life


Have you heard of plastic-free toothpaste? It’s a new way to get that fresh breath feeling without sacrificing the planet.

Plastic-free toothpaste is made from ingredients that are 100% biodegradable and not made with any synthetic chemicals. This means your toothpaste won’t end up in the ocean, polluting our planet. The best part is that this toothpaste works just as well as other toothpaste!

It’s made from natural ingredients like bamboo charcoal, xylitol, bentonite clay, peppermint oil, and coconut oil that are all biodegradable—this means they can be broken down by nature over time.

This toothpaste is also 100% vegan, so it’s perfect for vegans and vegetarians alike. And because it’s free of toxic ingredients like fluoride, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), and artificial sweeteners like aspartame—it’s safe for your whole family to use!

Why Switch to Plastic-Free Toothpaste?

There are many reasons to switch to plastic-free toothpaste.

The first reason is that the plastic in toothpaste is not biodegradable and will never decompose. It will just sit in landfills and oceans, taking up space and polluting the environment.

Another reason is that making plastic-free toothpaste is better for the environment. Since it uses fewer resources, it also means that fewer CO2 emissions are released into the atmosphere, which in turn helps reduce global warming. 

Last but not least, the third reason is that switching to zero-waste toothpaste saves money! It reduces your monthly expenses by eliminating all those wasteful materials from your household budget.

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What’s wrong with regular commercial toothpaste?

Most toothpaste contains microplastics, tiny pieces of plastic everywhere and in everything. Microplastics are in our water supply and even our bodies, which means they’re being ingested by people worldwide. And since we’ve only recently begun to realize how much harm microplastics can do when ingested.

For years, we’ve used toothpaste from ingredients like glycerin and sodium lauryl sulfate derived from petroleum-based sources, a non-renewable resource. These ingredients are often manufactured using harsh chemicals that can leach into our water supply and pollute our oceans. We’re also using more plastic than ever before—for packaging and containers—which has devastating effects on the environment.

Zero-Waste Packaging: Is it Possible?

The simple answer is – YES.

You may have noticed that most toothpaste comes in a squeezable tube. That’s great for many reasons: it’s easy to store and use, and the packaging is easy on the environment. You can toss it out once you’ve used all the toothpaste or recycle it if you want to keep it longer. But what happens when you run out?

When you run out of toothpaste, you have two options: buy a new tube or buy another container that will hold your leftover toothpaste until you can get another tube. The first option means buying plastic every time—which isn’t great for our planet—and the second option means finding something else besides plastic (which isn’t always easy).

ToothChews brand toothpaste comes in aluminum tins that can be recycled, making good on the company’s commitment to producing zero-waste toothpaste. The same may be said for other brands, some of which even use less plastic in their product packaging.

Final Thoughts

The many reasons people choose to stop using plastic toothpaste and start making their own zero-waste toothpaste are usually related to both health and environmental issues. Using a chemical-free, homemade plastic-free toothpaste gives you peace of mind in knowing that what you’re putting on your teeth will be good for them. You don’t need to cull your entire house of plastic—just start making small changes, and you’ll have made a significant impact before long!


Browse the I’m Plastic Free directory to discover plastic pollution solutions.


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