19 Best Plastic Free Online Stores From Around The World

At the beginning of your zero waste journey, you’ll start by using a reusable coffee cup, a reusable water bottle, or a bamboo toothbrush, which you can all now find in nearly any supermarket or even a newsagent who is selling gifts. We have compiled a separate blog article on how to go plastic free where we strongly recommend not to go “cold turkey” but to start with only 1 item first, and then when you mastered the habit of the first one, go to the next one for the first 10 items.

However, after you’ve been trying to lower your plastic waste footprint for a while, after you’ve had your first time Plastic Free July experience or you found some Plastic Free July tips to keep you motivated, sooner or later you are confronted with finding the best plastic free online stores hence why we decided to write an article about it.


What are Package Free or Zero Waste Stores?  

Package-free or zero waste stores, sometimes also called bulk stores, if they stock groceries, are businesses that either online or with a physical shop are specialized in selling eco-friendly, plastic free products and package-free goods all in one location so that you can find more items to swap in your sustainable journey in an easy way.


Plastic-free Checklists can Help you Find your Sustainable Swaps

To help you in this intent, we’ve put together two checklists that will help you swap items around your house room by room, item by item:

  • A free plastic-free beginners’ checklist which includes the most common items to start with on your eco-friendly journey. It is offered free of charge for you to download.
  • An advanced plastic-free checklist for eco-warriors that goes very in-depth around your house room by room, again suggesting what items to swap with. It took us several months to prepare this workbook based on years of experience in finding sustainable solutions toward a zero-waste lifestyle. It is not free but available to download as a pdf file for a very modest fee.


The 19 Best Plastic-Free Stores Online for your One-Stop Zero Waste Shopping

In this article, we introduce you to some of the most popular and authentic plastic-free online stores we scouted around the world. These are one-stop online stores that have a large product assortment and sell all sorts of plastic-free and zero-waste products, for the bathroom, for the kitchen, plastic-free beauty products, eco-conscious presents, sustainable toys, sustainable pet toys and accessories, slow fashion, and even safe and eco-friendly baby products. The products themselves are very innovative, have minimal packaging, and are shipped plastic-free or by reusing packaging from their suppliers. Often such products have also a low carbon footprint because, in the case of common household cleaning products or cosmetics, they come in a concentrated powder form that only needs water to be activated. We decided to list their country by country, or at least geographical area like the European Union, so that you can choose the one that is closer to your location and can, therefore, minimize the carbon footprint of shipping.

We also tried to tell you a bit of the story behind these small sustainable businesses, because it takes a lot of courage to find a new venture and we hope that you will support these amazing changemakers!

This post contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. This helps us continue the hard work we put into researching products and solutions.


Plastic-free Online Shops in the USA

1. EcoRoots

EcoRoots is a US brand from Phoenix, Arizona. They’re a one-stop brand for zero-waste alternatives of everyday products. From home and cleaning to beauty and skincare products, they offer sustainable, affordable, and zero-waste products for a better you and a better planet, too. They work with different small business owners and vendors from across the United States and around the world to help with sourcing and creating their products which are all cruelty-free.

Shipping: All of their products are manually packed and shipped in packaging that is 100% plastic-free. They use and reuse only recyclable and compostable materials for their shipping supplies. They also work with vendors to ensure that products are shipped plastic-free, and they try to reuse their packaging whenever possible. So, we can proudly say that every part of your package can be composted, reused, or recycled.

Check out EcoRoots

Check out the EcoRoots Store on Amazon USA

EcoRoots Banner - Best Plastic Free Online Stores

Image: EcoRoots


2. EarthHero

While living abroad EarthHero’s founder Ryan Lewis became increasingly aware of the adverse effects of hyper-consumerism on the natural environment, particularly seeing those images of seas of plastic. Wanting to make an impactful change in the way we consume, he imagined an online marketplace that championed responsible consumerism by only offering sustainable products. In 2017 he started EarthHero with only a few hundred eco-friendly products and today it’s one of the largest e-commerce sustainable marketplaces with thousands of products and also a Certified B Corp, a 1% for the Planet member, and a climate-neutral company.

Shipping: every order over $75 ships free, and all orders always ship carbon-neutral.

Check out EarthHero

3. Zero Waste Store

ZeroWasteStore.com is a trusted platform for sustainable brands, and a community of individuals making a positive impact on our planet. It was launched in 2018 in the USA (Florida) based on the assumption that we must rethink the way we consume. Conventional consumer products are creating an unsustainable amount of waste, particularly plastic waste, and exacerbate the environmental problems that potentially threaten life on the planet as we know it. We can’t afford to ignore the bigger problem at hand with consumerism any longer. Today, they offer a vast range of zero waste products from clean beauty, to household essentials.

Shipping: Carbon neutral free shipping on US orders over $50.

Check out Zero Waste Store



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Plastic-free Shops in Canada

4. Life Without Plastic

Another pioneer of the zero-waste movement, Life Without Plastic, which is now a Certified B Corporation™, has been offering plastic-free essentials since 2006 for your journey toward a zero-waste lifestyle at a time when there might be only a handful of people thinking about reducing their waste. Chantal and Jay, the co-founders, had always considered themselves eco-aware and health-conscious, but once they started doing research for their baby on the way they began to come across disturbing studies of the impacts of plastics, and they knew more could be done. While searching for an alternative to plastic baby bottles, the only option they could find was from a company that was selling them only wholesale and the minimum order was 1,000 units! So, they opened Life Without Plastic and started selling glass and stainless steel baby bottles and a few stainless steel food containers. Fast forward to 2023, they are now one of the best online stores that focus on plastic free shopping in Canada and the USA with thousands and thousands of plastic free products. A true paradise for every plastic-free warrior!

Check out Life Without Plastic


5. Etee

Etee is a Canadian brand committed to plastic-free living! All products on their online store are made with 100% biodegradable, natural materials. Whether it’s the packaging on the outside or the ingredients on the inside, everything is from the earth and goes back to the earth. They offer products for plastic free personal care, plastic free kitchen, and plastic free cleaning.

Check out Etee

Check out the Etee Store on Amazon USA

Etee Banner

Image: Etee


Zero-Waste Online Stores in Australia

6. Biome

Tracey Bailey created Biome in 2003 to empower others with the knowledge and access to carefully-vetted choices that would make a difference. Her dream started 20 years ago when she visited the endangered orangutans in Indonesia and pledged to be part of the change! Soon after opening the first store in Paddington, Brisbane, Tracey’s mother developed a terminal brain tumor. This loss ignited her passion to avoid the unsafe industrial chemicals that brands hide from us. Together with the Biome team today, Tracey continues to delve into misleading claims around palm oil, biodegradable plastics, bamboo fabric, and synthetic fragrances. This eco-online store is, therefore, one of the sustainable e-commerce pioneers in Australia and around the world and offers nearly everything you might be looking for from personal care to slow fashion! Plus, they also have three physical stores in Brisbane, one on the Gold Coast and one in Melbourne.

Check out Biome

Biome Store Banner

Image: Biome Naked Beauty Bar


7. Us & the Earth

Us & the Earth was founded by single-mum Liz Morris in Sydney, Australia as an eco-friendly and sustainable online store for a 40+. As a Mum, she wanted to ensure the best future for the next generation. It’s what we all do now that will determine that and we can fully resonate with this mantra at I’m Plastic Free as it is the same reason we started our platform.

Liz is very aware of the increasingly toxic environment we live in and a lot of that comes from the air pollution, what we ingest through food, and what we put on our skin. Plastics are horrific both for our health, for our environmental living, and for our beautiful oceans. For these reasons, she created Starter Kits for everyone who wants to start their eco-journey with eco boxes with package-free products for your kitchen, beauty, oral care, cleaning, and laundry. These boxes include all the essential reusable swaps, letting you save money and time in researching zero waste reusable products one by one. If you’re an eco-warrior, you can buy the products also individually.

Check out US & the Earth

Us & The Earth Eco Online Store Banner

Image: Us & the Earth


8. Biocasa

During a dinner with a couple of friends, Italian-born Francesco and Valentina started talking about how much plastic was around and how most of it could not even be recycled. So, they decided to slowly detox their home from products that were not biodegradable and eco-friendly. After a few months of research, they found that there was no one-stop package-free shop in Australia that could help and assist us in this journey. Given their determination to reduce their footprint and their business experience, they decided to create Biocasa, a place where to find biodegradable and eco-friendly products that can help all families to detox their homes. Today they stock well-known US and European brands like HiBar shampoo and conditioner bars, Chagrin Valley organic skincare, Abeego food wraps, Rotofresh compostable cooking accessories, etc.

Check out Biocasa

Biocasa Banner

Image: Biocasa


9. The Source Bulk Foods

Paul & Emma Medeiros left corporate Sydney in 2007 to pursue a sea change in beautiful Byron Bay. They purchased Edens Landing, a vibrant and busy organic fruit and veg store in Mullumbimby. It was while selling healthy foods in their store that they realized that most of the healthy foods were heavily packaged and therefore not healthy for the environment. They knew there was a better way, so they opened the first ‘Source’ store next door to their fruit and veggie shop in May 2012. The store took off and less than 6 months later they opened the second store in Balmain in Sydney’s Inner West. The demand for an alternative way to buy groceries continues today. The Source Bulk Foods is now present also overseas, in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, and New Zealand.


Zero-waste Shops in New Zealand

10. The Waste-Free Home

Starting from a studio at the bottom of their garden and fuelled by a dream to eliminate unnecessary waste, The Waste-Free Home started from the principle that if we could repurpose, recycle and repair high-quality sustainable products, we’d create less rubbish. So, they set about searching for (and rigorously testing) products. They needed to be ethically & consciously made, sustainable, long-lasting, and easy to return to the earth once their hard-working lives are over. And what they couldn’t find, they made themselves, and share them now on their website intending to eliminate unnecessary waste. They stock a lot of sustainable products made in New Zealand or made in Aotearoa, as they describe on their website.


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Zero-waste Shopping in the UK

11. Jungle Culture

Jungle Culture was founded in 2018 to remedy the damage a single straw can do to our environment. It was first born as Jungle Straws and sold ethically sourced, reusable drinking straws made from bamboo in Northern Vietnam which became best sellers on Amazon. Now, under the Jungle Culture canopy and with a passion for traveling and discovering new cultures, they produce organic coconut bowls, bamboo cutlery, safety razors, shaving soaps, wooden cups, and more. All products are made from sustainable materials and innovatively crafted by leading British designers and Asian artisans.

Check out Jungle Culture

Check out the Jungle Culture store on Amazon USAUK

Jungle Culture Banner

Image: Jungle Culture


12. Plastic Freedom

Plastic Freedom was born from Beth Noy’s spare room at home, whilst still working a full-time job. It was a side ‘hobby’ that quickly turned into something she was never expecting! She started with a bedside table filled with toothbrushes and stock from her favorite brands and invested about £300 of her own money into the first load of stock. Everyone sold out in the first weekend and she had to frantically buy more in the evening whilst away with work. It was then that she knew there was a real want for change in the world and the “plastic freedom journey” began…

Today it’s one of the best plastic free online stores in the UK and they stock thousands of plastic free products or at least their sustainable version from everyday essentials for your personal hygiene, home decor, and cleaning to sustainable alcohol and even sustainable sex toys.

Check out Plastic Freedom

Use IMPLASTICFREE for a 10% discount code at checkout from selected collections.


13. Battle Green

Like many people, Lucy and her co-founder were feeling increasingly concerned by the stream of reports on the negative environmental impact humans are having on the planet. It’s hard to believe there are more microplastics in the oceans than stars in the Milky Way, or that around 100 million marine mammals die from plastic pollution each year. So in 2018 they founded Battle Green.

Based in beautiful Snowdonia, North Wales, they offer a range of eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items to help you cut down on single-use plastic. Many items are reusable and refillable, allowing you to save money and reduce waste over time. Their zero waste starter kits are available in three sizes, helping anyone to start their zero waste journey, whatever their budget. As huge animals lovers, all their cosmetics are handmade, PETA-certified vegan and cruelty free.

Shipping: Some products are minimally packaged in recycled card, which you have the choice opt out of at checkout if you don’t need it (care instructions are included on the online listing). They only post out using plastic-free, compostable, and recyclable (and often recycled) packaging.

Check out Battle Green on Etsy.

Battle Green Vegan Natural Deodorant

Image: Battle Green


Plastic-free Online Shops in the European Union

14. Beewise Amsterdam

Beewise’s founder, Carina, was overwhelmed by the waste she produced every day. A lack of sustainable products in the shops made it difficult to change this. That’s why she decided to do something about it: make eco-friendly products available to everyone and that’s how Beewise Amsterdam was born. Now she sells eco-friendly products for the bathroom, the kitchen and on the go, including products made in Brazil like reusable sanitary pads.

Shipping: free shipping on orders over €50 in the Netherlands and over €90 in Europe.

Check out Beewise.


15. Plastic-free Europe

Plastic Free Europe is a collective portal for single-use plastic alternatives to businesses and the public, both for B2B and B2C. It is also a tech tool connecting single mothers, and SMEs producing eco-friendly products with consumers, as they support local communities and individuals to ensure quality and fair trade. This online store offers alternatives to plastic for dinnerware, for your kitchen, home, and garden, as well as some eco-friendly stationery products.


16. Plastic-free Amsterdam

To Ramon and Ariama it just seemed crazy how easy and accessible disposable plastic items are and how fast they are thrown away. Once they realized that we as individuals could make simple changes in our lifestyle, they wanted to include more people in this journey. So, Plastic Free Amsterdam was born. They wanted to create a one-stop shop where you can find great alternatives to single-use products that you will use and re-use on a daily basis.

Their mission is to help you with your plastic-free journey and also to show you that it is easy to switch your daily products for a sustainable option. The products they offer on their website are from sustainable companies and individuals that care and share the same vision for a better and sustainable future. Their opinion is that only together can we be the change for a better future.


Zero Waste Shopping in India

17. Brown Living

Brown Living is India’s first plastic-free marketplace for a wide range of everyday use products, specially curated for a sustainable, vegan, chemical-free, and zero waste lifestyle. Each product is made locally in India and handpicked after evaluating its environmental impact. All orders are packaged & shipped plastic-free. They plant trees from their profits to ensure that your orders are carbon-neutral as well! Their team’s sole aim is to help customers transition into an earth-friendly lifestyle starting from their homes. We aspire to be the preferred destination for those who want to make informed choices and shop consciously, with the least damage to the environment. Join them in this movement and shop only sustainably!

Check out Brown Living

Brown Living India - Plastic free living stores

Image: Brown Living


Package-free Stores in Singapore

18. Unpackt

Unpackt was founded by Jeff & Florence, as a home-grown social enterprise offering package-free bulk food, products, and daily necessities that you need to live a zero waste lifestyle in Singapore. Their mission is to build a green and mindful Singapore, one community at a time, as they also deliver packaging free groceries, household, health & beauty, and lifestyle products for free for orders over SGD 50. Your order is packed using reusable containers which they collect back on the next delivery, following the principles of the circular economy.


Plastic-free Shopping in the Philippines

19. Simula

Since its establishment in 2018, Simula has grown from just two brand partners to a locally grown space that makes sustainable and zero waste products accessible in the Philippines, supporting and sharing their platform with over 70+ Micro and Small Enterprises. In addition, Simula has shared its love for the community by supporting projects from several non-government organizations.

Simula means “beginning” in Filipino, and the store embodies the start of living sustainably and supporting local. From home tools to personal finds, they have something for everyone. They realized that a small change could truly inspire other people; that our choices have the potential to make waves, leading to greater change.


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Tips on How to Consciously Buy Online

The following tips are a reminder of conscious consumerism and of the importance of being mindful when buying online without falling for endless clearance or sales.

Buy in Bulk and Place Fewer Orders 

  • To minimize shipping costs, packaging and save money, don’t buy just one item but group products together and buy more items in one order but place fewer orders per year.

Split the Costs with a Friend

  • Another trick is to agree on a “zero waste shopping list” with a friend and then split the costs. Usually, online stores offer free shipping when reaching a certain amount.

Be Careful about the Humidity of Product Storage

  • If you live in the tropics don’t stock up on items that can be affected by humidity. We did this mistake which resulted in several products being ruined and not being fit for purpose any longer like dog poo bags that disintegrate or bamboo toothbrushes getting moldy before even being able to use them.

Check the Product Reviews Before Buying

  • Check product reviews before buying items you never tried before to avoid bad surprises. Many eco-friendly products are a nice-to-have but not strictly necessary and let’s be honest a few of them are useless

Ask Yourself if You Really Need that Product

  • Ask yourself if you really need to buy those products, particularly if they are on sale. Online stores have some sort of sale or clearance pretty much every week! 🙂 Remember this quote: “The most sustainable product is the one you didn’t buy”. We found this to be very true and to remind us about our minimalistic values.


Final Thoughts

We hope that this overview of the best plastic free online stores we came across around the world was helpful and has helped you find a way to continue your sustainable journey easily. Should you find other genuine one-stop package free online stores, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or email info@implasticfree.com we’ll endeavor to do our due diligence and if they meet our values, then we’ll add them to our list or at least to our directory. Don’t just place links in the comments please, they won’t be approved.

Happy zero-waste shopping!


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