Whether you’ve discovered the plastic-free movement or are trying to avoid unnecessary plastic use, the choices of razors can be overwhelming. There are many types of razors, and they are designed using different materials. The other good news is that they use stainless steel, wood, or ceramic materials. If you’re trying to reduce or cut the use of plastics in your life, switching to a plastic free razor can be an excellent decision. 


1. Leaf Shave: The Leaf Kit

The Leaf Kit is the world’s most advanced plastic-free razor. It’s razor-like what you’re using now, but it’s also plastic-free and can be used anywhere on your body. 

There are a lot of plastic free razors out there, but they’re often not all that good at getting rid of hair. The Leaf Kit is different: it’s made from high-quality stainless steel, so it feels like a traditional razor but doesn’t hurt your skin or cause irritation. This means you can shave anywhere on your body without worrying about irritation or cuts, making it ideal for shaving your legs and underarms!


2. Rockwell: Razors 6C

The Rockwell Razors 6C is a double-edge safety razor with six shave settings. It’s made of 100% stainless steel and has a recyclable, eco-friendly bowl to whip up a fantastic lather. The Rockwell 6C features soft bristles made of synthetic materials, with a non-animal-derived handle and no animal-derived components. It’s the best tool for whipping up a lather!

Rockwell Razors are made in the USA and are perfect for replacing plastic waste in your bathroom. You can also say goodbye to expensive cartridge refills with this razor because this system only requires one blade per shave!


3. Hanni: The Weighted Razor

Hanni’s The Weighted Razor has a long handle, so you can get a close shave without having to press down hard on your skin. And if you need to travel with your razor, it comes with a silicone cap that protects it from damage in your purse or bag. It’s also made out of 100% metal, so no plastic is involved!

It comes with 5 blades, so you won’t have to worry about running out before finding time to shop for more. The blades are extra-long, so they’ll last longer than other brands’ standard-size blades. Lastly, the Weighted Razor is powder-coated, so it won’t rust when wet—even if you leave it in a wet shower!



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4. Schick: Intuition Bamboo 3-Blade Razor Handle

Do you want an earth-friendly razor with a handle made from bamboo? The Intuition Bamboo 3-Blade Razor Handle is the perfect option for you.

This razor is made with 75% recycled steel, and the packaging is certified sustainably sourced. It comes with a conditioning strip that contains Aloe, which helps to prevent irritation while giving a smooth shave. The blades are made from 100% recyclable materials and are built to last up to 3 months per blade!


5. Well Kept: Safety Razor 

The best plastic-free razor options are out there, and they’re good enough to make you want to ditch your current razor.

Well Kept’s Safety Razors are a great way to reduce plastic consumption because they use one stainless steel blade instead of many disposable ones. One stainless steel blade will last you for years, and it’s easy to find replacement blades in bulk at any drugstore or online.

This safety razor is made in Canada and comes with one stainless steel blade that reduces irritation and ingrown hair. It’s also made from brass, aluminum, powder coat, and stainless steel—so it’s not better for the environment; it feels great too!



6. Oui the People: Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor

When finding the best razor for your sensitive skin, you want to ensure that it’s made with your comfort in mind. Not only is it designed to give you a close shave without causing irritation, but it’s also designed for people with sensitive skin. The rose gold sharp skin razor comes with 10 replacement blades and a weighted stainless steel safety razor.



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7. Bevel: Safety Razor

Bevel’s Safety Razor is a new razor that makes shaving fun, easy, and environmentally friendly. It’s a safety razor—and it’s as plastic free as you can get.

You will need to switch the blades every few shaves, but that’s only a minor inconvenience. This is because Bevel comes with ten complimentary blades when you buy your first razor. The best part about this razor is the brass weighted handle that allows easy cleaning.


8. Eco Roots: Safety Razor

If you’re looking for a way to cut plastic waste, you may want to consider switching to a safety razor. These razors are made from zinc alloy and stainless steel, which can be recycled. These razors are also less expensive in the long run because they need no replacement heads or cartridge refills and come with 5 complementary blades. Double-edge razor blades are environmentally friendly and can be used over and over again without causing any harm to the environment.


9. UpCircle: Beauty Safety Razor

If you’re looking for the best plastic free razor options, look no further than UpCircle’s line of safety razors. This safety razor with two free razor blades is unisex and reusable and comes with a weighty handle for safe, easy shaving.

This item is made from 100% recycled materials, so you get a great shave without any harsh chemicals or waste caused by traditional razors—you’re also helping reduce plastic in our oceans!



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10. Jungle Culture: Reusable Safety Razor

Jungle Culture has created a range of reusable eco safety razors that are unisex, therefore suitable for both women and men. The razors are precision engineered to provide a smooth zero-waste shaving experience. They are compatible with any double edged DE safety razor blade, so you’re not bound to one provider and you save money. Each safety razor has a textured grip and extra long chrome metal handle, perfectly balanced for shaving hard to reach areas.

These eco-friendly safety razors come with a natural travel bag, made from a blend of organic cotton and ethically sourced jute. They are packaged in a premium, color matched gift box, making them a perfect sustainable gift.

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Final Thoughts

Many people are concerned about the enormous piles of waste piling up in landfills across the world. Many of these plastics are not biodegradable, and very few of them can be recycled. The only way to drop plastic from that waste stream is by recycling, reusing, or stopping altogether.

So how do you find the most sustainable plastic free razor? Well, it’s mostly trial and error for each person. One option is to start with our list of recommendations above and to read through any reviews that a specific razor may have. 



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